Poll: How much would you be willing to pay for a Neo900 (complete device) with TI DM3730 1GHz/512M-RAM/1GB
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How much would you be willing to pay for a Neo900 (complete device) with TI DM3730 1GHz/512M-RAM/1GB

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Originally Posted by joerg_rw View Post
gerbick, I don't see a need for any reminder. Seems a few people don't have a memory as long as they believe they had and now they try to construct something in the past that never happened that way. Based on a rather academical discussion about the right term for some benefit we offered to a few people. I apologise for any confusion the possibly poor wording chosen a few years ago might have caused, however the facts never been stated incorrectly by Neo900 UG and the whole issue is not relevant anymore no matter what, since we don't offer that benefit anymore to new supporters since a long time and we won't change the original agreement retroactively.
Understood. We differ but I can appreciate your stance. I'm all for clear, concise and accurate communication. It may enhance your endeavors more than anything else - outside of delivery of the Neo900 that is.

Regardless of my own input on this potentially confusing matter, just hope that we all come to an understanding rather quickly and move on.

Nothing like cyclic discussions to bog down any progress that can be made.

Take care and good luck on your endeavors. All, let's continue to hope for the best.
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new short update: (thanks to sn0wmonster and everybody else who contributed/commented/proofread)

some additional related context from IRC:
11:24 <metacollin> Hey everyone, I'm the engineer that Joerg-Neo900 hired on contract to complete the second prototype board, as well as handle its manufacture. It is still in the early stages, but expect to slowly start seeing things taking shape over the coming weeks . Right now, I am polishing all of the CAD footprints for maximum manufacturing reliability, and 3D MCAD representations.
11:25 <metacollin> Just finished the LEDS
11:33 <metacollin> All footprints are being tweaked so they're made IPC compliant. IPC is the Association Connecting Electronics Industries - an international body standardizing assembly and production requirements of electronic equipment and assemblies. They've been collecting data from mass produced electronics for 6 straight decades, and have empirically determined the ideal footprints for various chips and components from this mountain of data.
11:47 <metacollin> Also, I have an n900 and used to use it quite a bit back in the day. I am modestly active on github and participate in several open source projects, so I'm also contributing to the project outside of the contract as well. Basically, I want this thing to exist.
11:50 <metacollin> Oh, and one last thing, coming into this project which, as I understand it, has been active for sometime now, I have to say, it's the single best documented project I've worked with. That alone is going to speed things along, so anyway, just wanted to give everyone an update.
sidenote: we're looking into transferwise again, maybe this turns out to be a viable payment method for US based contributors

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And thanks metacollin for coming on board.

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Great news, thanks, and hope Metacollin will enjoy being onboard!

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neo900, thank you!

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