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Thank you for example. By trial and error with number of spaces between parts, I have made changelog to work. No errors are given about it anymore.
Detailed documentation:

Next errors:

with debian/control (which I copied from DEBIAN/control)
Unmet build dependencies: build-essential

I chose to ignore that (am I right?) and typed dpkg-buildpackage -b -d

sh: gcc: not found
(What is it? What should I do about it?)

dpkg-genchanges: failure: cannot read files list files: No such file or directory
(What should I do about it?)

Thanks a lot,
Best regards.

P.S. gcc is a compiler. I need to install it from the repository.
Which version? 3.4 or 4.2?
It will cure the error
Unmet build dependencies: build-essential.
P.P.S. I have installed gcc 4.2 4.2.1 4maemo13. Still sh:gcc:not found.
What next?
P.P.P.S. genchanges requires "files", which should be created by "rules", which cannot be empty (and I don't know what to put inside)
P.P.P.P.S. Went backward. Found source of a working theme, extracted it through dpkg-source and tried to build it back. Fails on
tar: unrecognized option '--null'

Thus, dpkg doesn't work due to bad tar. Where can I take a good tar from?
P.P.P.P.P.S. Installed MADDE. Worked perfectly. Now uploaded source files to autobuilder. Autobuilder failed on i386. In armel, too. I have the same error as here:

Undefined subroutine &Dpkg::Changelog::Entry:ebian::_g called at /scratchbox/devkits/debian-squeeze/share/perl5/Dpkg/Changelog/Entry/ line 117, <STDIN> line 1.
dpkg-buildpackage: error: changelog parser /scratchbox/devkits/debian-squeeze/lib/dpkg/parsechangelog/debian gave error exit status 9

A bug in autobuilder?

When I try to create .deb in MADDE, it says that changelog is OK, but then stumbles over at set_theme, which for unknown reason requires And if I throw set_theme away, then the dh_md5sum complains about "xargs: md5sum: Bad file number".
If I throw dh_md5sum away from debian/rules, then dh_builddeb calls tarlisted, and tarlisted says "strange content, information missing".
Can it be caused by "#" in image name?

Yes, it is! MADDE built the .deb, I installed it successfully! But I cannot see where the colors.config influences the Maemo. Text color, button color, title color are set to black. The Maemo shows white (except for rare cases like notifications about USB connection; and even then I don't know whether it's caused by colors.config or something else).

What would you advise?
I still haven't uploaded it to Extras.

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hi. i have downloaded ThemeMaker1.2.9. i would just like to ask how to make icons for apps that are not pre-installed in the n900?

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i read your post i know what you want to ask you need help how to start the work i think i can help you you need to visit them premium magento themes they can help you well.

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yes this is vry helpful..thansk for sharing..

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Could someone create (PS3) Battlefield: Bad Company or Little Big Planet themes?

I downloaded a Doodle Monsters theme from MMMOOO for my Blackberry and it was really interesting
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i really need complete guide about this

ASF Mobiles

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Hi i'm dajnami, just joined as have been following this site for a long long time. Am getting my N900 on monday!

i just wanted some help with the new QT SDK and theme maker as i have downloaded them but am really confused where do you start! would just like to make a light. bright colourful theme

i have read the tuorials, pdf documents from QT,forums and blogs
think i may be in abit to deep as i'm not a computer person so have no idea what to do /learn but would love to contribute to to the community

a really simple and basic video or tutorial would be really helpful youtube doesn't seem to have much... and things seem to be from 2011 on the sticky ....
ANY help would be much appriciated have the patiants and time

hope to release something in the future.....

is back with her baby the N900
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I need help.
After installed MADDE ther is no home directory.
Could anyone help me ?

Edit: my system is windows vista.

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maemo 5, theme

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