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I wonder if i Can just *run* Harttman apps from N9 natively ? ;-)
And also As seen on YouTube The UI seems to be almost finished. Does today screen works like in n9?
Can be used as a daily phone?
I'll flash it certainly after my N9 will back from repair (2nd repair :C)

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If you need an almost usable build, you should check out the latest X11 build, which is the one shown in the video (

X11 is not developed anymore, but we're still in transition to wayland and stuff is broken. On the X11 image, you can run some harmattan apps as is (you can just mount the harmattan partition and try to run the binary) and some more if you chroot to harmattan. Nokia maps doesn't run though if you're thinking about that.

The wayland version on the N9xx is not as complete yet, and possibility to run harmattan apps is gone. If you'd like to join us in shaping nemo however, please flash a wayland image and contribute.
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