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We all know that there are tons of apps now that work right away in the browser. And many of them even have support for sound and prompt notifications. Since many of the pages don't load properly on most of the browsers on N900, I think if we develop the stand-alone web apps so that they meet their requirements they can work fine. I have some webpages, some work on MicroB and some don't.

1. here Maps - Doesn't open on MicroB
2. Steam Chat - This works on the browser. Sound notifications work. Desktop notifications are not supported.
3. FB Messenger - Only the login page opens. The page is blank after logging in. We have FB Chat integrated in Conversations and it works great though.
4. 9GAG, 9GAG Mobile - This works good enough too. I am not able to open the menu, sign-in or comments on posts on the mobile version of the site.

There are other great web apps but these are the ones I use so I don't remember any others. So if you use any others, please post about it.

I also found a promising project on TMO but it seems the original author abandoned the project or something. I couldn't test the app as I am not able to download the web app files on the device and my PC is not working. You can test and report if it still has potential.
Web Apps running on Qt Web Runtime

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