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Hey guys,

I am sick and tired of my overpriced and useless dsl connection with its consistent issues. In the end I prefer using my phone's 3g and my phone as a 3g hotspot for other devices (such as PC and tablets).

However, I like the comfort of using my high quality router (Netgear AC1750 r6300v2) and a laptop and desktop hooked up through lan. I use input director to control both. I also have a lot of media on my network that I would like to use.

Is there any way to use my N900 through USB tether (ideally) as a 3g modem hooked up to my router as the modem? I would even be happy to hook it up to my router wirelessly, but since my router has a usb 3 and a usb 2 port, I would like to keep the phone charging during that time as well (but can live without it in a worst case scenario).

Some ASUS routers already have this feature:

Another solution that a guy pulled off and that the N900 may be able to pull off more easily:

I would really like the tech and networking experts to brainstorm some interesting solutions to this.
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I doubt you would be happy with a wireless bridging solution. Will be slow and just wep is available.

The issue with using the n900 as a modem is your router software. It is unlikely to have the functionality with the stock firmware. OpenWRT seems out for that model but DD-WRT might work. Proceed cautiously unless you know what you are doing.

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When the cable was out once at a friends I set up my cssu n900 to be the internet connection. But it was easy since they had macs, I just used the usb setting in QT mobile hotspot, that shows up on the mac as ethernet and then have the mac be the wireless router. Done

It actually worked very well.

I have not tried this with windows or Linux, so I can't help you with that. But plugging it into the router could be the easiest bet since the software and setup may already be there. For example tomato has it as a check box under usb devices, you just have to turn usb on.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the quick and helpful replies guys.

The reason why I believed that the N900 would be a good candidate for this is that its already a linux device.

As I put this link here:

I've been able to make use of a very old laptop (around 15 years old) with a broken screen. I installed a Linux onto it and then used it's bridging ability to bridge its wifi connection to its LAN connection, then connected it to the router's WAN connection.
So, yes, I understand that my router sadly does not have the ability (on stock firmware) to hook up a USB and use it as a 3g tether device, I was thinking that like how that guy turned hooked up his 3g phone through usb tether to a 15 year old linux laptop, and then connected the ethernet from that laptop to the WAN port of the router, he got the router to believe it was connected to a modem.

3g device----> linux laptop-----> wan port of router (through ethernet)

What I'm trying is:

Nokia N900 (using micro usb to ethernet cable) -------> WAN port of router

I basically want the N900 to behave nothing but a dsl modem to the router. The post i quoted had a person using a linux laptop in that fashion.

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Originally Posted by prosetheus View Post
What I'm trying is:

Nokia N900 (using micro usb to ethernet cable) -------> WAN port of router
I haven't tried it myself but according to many posts in the USB Host Mode thread, it is possible.

It only depends on your router: if it has an Ethernet input, a win! If it has only a DSL input (basically, a telephone line), tough luck.

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