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Originally Posted by Android_808 View Post
There's nothing stopping you using some parts of the Mer userland tools and implementing a light weight GUI on top. I'm currently playing with it (repackaged for Debian Jessie) to look at feasibility of updated Maemo/Hildon GTK3.

Mer/Nemo MCE still has a legacy package for LED control etc. statefs is a little bit trickier as it requires Qt5 IIRC so may present a few issues in terms of performance but may actually solve some of the issues in Maemo port (eg xcb).
But you are not allowed to share your repackaged images? (copyright/license issues)
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Firstly, a correction. StateFS doesn't require Qt. Build depends on some boost libraries but runtime is just fuse. Nemo then have statefs-qt on top.

Most, if not all of the code I have looked at is LGPL so there should be no issue repackaging it as long as I acknowledge upstream. The issue would be branding. If I release I can't call it Nemo/Maemo etc.or use artwork/themes. This is where there is an issue at the moment as some packages can't handle having certain theme elements missing. IIRC it's either the hildon desktop backgrounds or the window decorations. GTK side just falls back to Adwaita so thats ok for now. As one of my aims is to remove some unnecessary hildon specific tweaks, I'm trying to remove hildon-only icons and replace with stock gtk equivalents.

Current setup, as posted elsewhere, is AMD64 Debian Jessie with mce, dsme, libdsme, oneshot and statefs (plus dependancies like cor, check, tut) all repackaged from Nemo. On top of that are my GTK3 variants of matchbox, libhildon, libhildondesktop etc. either derived from Cordia sources or community-ssu.

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