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This things could be done:

-A full portrait mode
- A good portrait keybord (as Opera Browser)
- Better display of incoming call (a larger picture, big words and information of incoming number work, house ...)

Thanks a lot for all support and hard work in CSSU

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As Jaffa mercifully mentioned, there is already correct way of requesting features for CSSU

So, I'll only comment that I would like CSSU to *finally* become official release - instead of beta - and new version published as beta, then as another stable release version.

The situation now is, that most people use *stable* latest CSSU, which is "officially" never-ending-beta.
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Folders in menu without catorise or apmefo

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very good idea ,
1- bigger font for contact
2- when calling or receiving the No. and name has to be shown not name only
3- in the calling log , the name only shown , please add the no. as well
4- for any new program we need to have a popup icon mentioned there is new program ( as facebook )
5- an easy way to install any s/w ( not use X Terminal every time ) just support ( all format as ( apt-get install , dpkg .... , ........)
6- can we install Android application
7- an easy way to change QTlockscreen
8- more battery life

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A feature I would like would be to be able to set what to do by default when you swipe the camera slide (turn on flash, go to camera mode) and when you press the camera button, to switch to camera mode if it's set as flashlight. Another option from settings I would like would be to be able to set the keyboard slide sound with ease.
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here are mine
1.720p recording and playback
2.MKV codec supprot
3. touch focus in cam
4.N9 lock screen
5.full portrait mode

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I'd just like to know when it seems ready for casual or non-power users (if there are any left on the n900 lol). I've been waiting some time for this to reach a stage that is accepted for general use or for some sort of timeline where it might be expected to (granted I may have missed that info, so if I did then my bad). "when it's done" isn't really helpful for that.

I'll probably dive in shortly since it seems to have been adopted long enough to be stable and useable, but communicating more milestone targets would be great (again, if missed them then apologies).

I appreciate all the work done on this so far.

EDIT: Estel summed it up better than me a few posts previously.

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If the CSSU people implement all featured requested here, it will not be CSSU anymore: it will be another Operating System.

IMHO I think many people here has lost the point about what CSSU is all about.

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best regards to CSSU Team
GODbless you

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hey i need these too..
1. portrait contact mode as in the phone>select contacts
2.N9 virtual keypad

cssu stable, nokia n900

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