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Originally Posted by lucaspedersoli View Post
Hi, I'm a bit troubeled here... The clock on the lockscreen shows up like this.. I've been actively searching through the forum and google with no luck...
Freshly flashed phone, open mode, dev mode on, used themechanger and font manager v 0.5
It's all good but that.
It's weird cause before the reflash that worked (though most of the rest was pretty akward :P)
I hope there's still someone arround to lend me a hand on this...

EDIT: Already found the problem here. It was the libsysuid-screenlock-nokia.css file. I compared it to the original blanco theme file and under time format there was a %1 where it should be a %R
I was using the blue theme, maybe the others are ok, I didn't chech on that.
There's not many users arround this post, but if I got time and magicaly learn how to properly use some desing programs I'll do some more stuff for this theme. I'm a procastinator so, if you read this, don't take it too seriously.
Thats odd. Maybe it was a corrupted file or something? I hadn't had any issues of the like, and in the original files on my computer it shows a %l. Maybe your device time is in 24 hour which conflict with 12 hour time display? It wouldn't be in the colours as that is only image modifications
If you are interested I can give you all the original theme files if you want to mess around.

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