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Originally Posted by chenliangchen View Post
"I" will team with our design partner as "We" using brand "Youyota"
Youyota, that's awesome To me, it sounds like a Chinese (no offense at all) copy of Toyota But I'm interested too!

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Originally Posted by chenliangchen View Post
I'm excited to announce some pre-announcement here before the "official announcement" comes in TJC and official Jolla channels in coming days.

In short, Jolla tablet will be mass-produced again in its original form and with a choice of 128GB capacity.

Some of you have probably noticed some hint.

The story behind it is a coincidence, while I am working with the team in China for the Moto Z Keyboard Mod, I was talking about the whole Linux and Sailfish demand with the owner of the R&D house, to see if there is any chance that we can do some Linux machines for our community. We talked about Jolla phone, tablet, and future projects.

It was only at concept stage until I told him, Jolla Tablet was the best first party device Jolla released but sadly it wasn't widely available and the project turned out being an fiasco for Jolla. He was curious how the device looks like and I showed him --- It turned out that this is HIS DESIGN! He doesn't know the story behind Jolla's crowdfunding failure, and was only informed that the factory has cancelled the big order. So they moved on to other projects and forgot this one.

Now since this is clear, we dug-out some 2-year-old archives... All the MD files are there, the PCB layout is there, component BOM is there. Great! We then checked with the supplier, camera module, IC, chipset availability.... screen availability... Yes, we can still purchase it! (This is another coincidence, normally quite some chips will be discontinued after a period of time)

Now we are ready. No software adaptation needed, no tooling cost and moulding cost needed, no NRE needed, no software engineering cost needed, we can instantly put it into assembling line!

The next question will be branding... Obviously we can't use Jolla, and we are not interested to use 3rd party brand, so we created a new brand for this product.

We plan to release within the same specs (due to the chipset limitation, RAM can not be added) with the same price. You may be asking why same price, because 2K screen and eMMC chip price has gone up dramatically over previous years, and we have to pay Jolla additional licence fees. CPU also have some shortage but we are official partner with Intel and they will secure chipset supply within a reasonable price range.

The prototype is under assembling will be ready by next week.

There will be an 128GB version, as well as previous 32/64GB version. And will have a special colour.

Please tell us what your opinions,suggestions are? Will you considering buying one if this is available to pre-order in the next couple of weeks? Device will ship in 45 days after putting into manufacturering line.

I'm excited!!
April fools this project Will haunt us forever what a joke. Wasn't this the joke last year? And the year before that!

Brilliant thread. More of this please.

If jolla had some humor they should use it and post about the refund
Do something for the climate today! Anything!

I don't trust poeple without a Nokia n900...I'm also supporting Apple 2016 or until Jolla fully refund or ship the jPad to all backers and supports!

"waited over a year for no tablet and then the same again for potential refund? inspires confidence!"

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If it is an AF gag, it's an almost perfectly judged one for this community, only missing the brand name being an obvious anagram...

but if it isn't, then I'd want to be in for one or maybe more, but I'd still be asking how you arrived at the brand name? Nothing wrong with it (and certainly no offence meant), but it doesn't jump out of the page at me either. It probably doesn't matter, suspect everyone will call it a Jolla Tablet if its 'real' name doesn''t stick.

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@dave99 I hope this is aprill fool, because just got an I pad4 ( used) for a second tablet as multimedia etc for my wife. B ut un fortunatelly this seems not to be aprils fool and I have an internal compelling need to get yet one more jolla tablet. , please HELP me )Last time I need to use youbuy. Maybe this time no.

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Yes, please have someone look into software/drivers, because battery drain is very bad. If more users are to be interested in this device, this is a must. Otherwise, very fascinating news and story!

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He states his place of residence as London / Shanghai, so I don't believe for a second he isn't aware of April Fools' day. On that basis:

Lol. This is hilarious. In a slightly brutal way.

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When we start honest critics on the device in light of comparison to recent devices, the second major flaw on Jtab in its current state is the GPU/Screen behaviour.
Jtab is the only SFOS device that sports a stuttering UI in almost any situation.
Is it possible the GPU is simply to weak to give 60fps on 2k resolution?
Nothig can be changed about the HW, so question from a layman, is it likely to optimize fps from software side because jolla possibly stopped ruling out major bugs on tablet hardware adaption?

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I've tried unsuccessfully to get my hands on a Jolla Tablet for quite a while now. Here's hoping this project goes well!

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Originally Posted by jukk View Post
Yes, please have someone look into software/drivers, because battery drain is very bad. If more users are to be interested in this device, this is a must. Otherwise, very fascinating news and story!
WiFi seems like a likely culprit as disabling it makes things a bit more bearable, even though still far from ideal.

But I still think there is a chance the power consumption issues are software based and might have been fixed without the tablet fiasco. It's understandable Jolla has other priorities where there are probably a couple hundred Jolla Tablet users and thinks would have been different if there were 20000 users as expected...

All in all it would really help if there was Sailfish OS on tablet (and on x86) in more widespread use - while things in general work pretty good, there are often issues that are unlikely to be fixed with such a small number of devices in use (power consumption issues, lack of apps built for x86, apps not really making use of the tablet form factor, etc.).
modRana: a flexible GPS navigation system
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jolla tablet, sailfish os

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