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when i delete an email the mailprogramm tries to delete it local an on the pop3-server. But i only want to delete it local, because i still need the mail on the pop3-server for viewing it on my "normal PC".

How can i configure the included mailapplication, so that it only deletes the local copy of the mail.

How can i delete more than 1 mail at the same time.

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open the email app, clck on Tools>MailboxSettings>Edit>Next>Next>Next>Advanced >Retrieve

Then make sure retrieval is set to 'retrieve headers only' and the 'leave email on server' box is checked.

Now when you check your mail it will display headers until you click on them to expand. When you press the delete key you'll get a choice of whether you'd like the message deleted locally or on the server.
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Thanks for the answer,
but i have configured it as described by you. Sometimes the box comes, where i can select the kind of deletion (locally or server) but not alwys!.
Also i dont like to answer such a question everytime i delete a mail.
Is it possible to set the default to "delete locally without extra dialog"?

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