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Hi all.
To be able to connect to the wlan of my university i need to install and choose a certificate.
I installed the certificate and its shown in settings -> certificate manager but im not able to choose it when setting up a new wlan profile. The Dropdown-Box still shows "none".

Where I have to install the certificate to be able to choose it from the dropdown box?
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Hey I have the same porblem.. I dont know how select the box is still none too!!!!!!
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i found this it worked for me
just put the information of your university insted the one ij the site

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I have the same problem with eduroam here at RWTH-Aachen (Germany). I installed all necessary certificates but I can't connect.
I tried the link above (the one for the n810) but no luck. I got it working with my n810 - Hence, I assume I don't have a fundamental flaw in my approach.
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hey heertobi. did you manage to connect to your eduroam finally? if so, how is it done?
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I've got the same problem ....
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You guys are still using OS 2005????
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this is a bug in n900

EDIT yes same error here as well.

f*ck you n900! what a buggy mobile!

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