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Long time lurker finally registering and saying hello!

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Hello, everyone! i'm from Brazil and after 5 years after my first n900, i registered here!

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Still welcome (of course)!
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Hi, first post here.

I've been lurking on this forum since 2009, and never needed to register or ask a question as every time I've had a problem the info I've needed has already been here.

Great forum with some great people. So thanks for all the help over the years.

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Looking forward to the Maemo chat and some good bants!

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I just bought a Nokia N900 and will receive it in the next days. I am very looking forward to discover this mini Linux smartphone and hope as absolute Newbie for your help...

I read the last days in the forum and I am really impressed, what you, the Maemo community, have built. I hope I can be a part of this Movement.

To my person: I love Linux and Perl, but everything only as a hobby.

Best wishes,

PS.: What is the answer of life the universe and everything?

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My first official day as registered member. Browsing the site from over a years and the forum has helped me to clear many doubts (but still I am a noob). Thanks to everyone for their contribution to make people like me to learn

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Hi everyone!

My name is Finn and I come from a land down under (Australia). It's so good to meet everyone here!

A little about myself... I've been a long time collector of PDAs such as Palm OS devices and Windows Mobile devices. I recently learned about these fantastic little Nokia internet tablets late last year and immediately purchased both the N800 and the N810 (non-WiMax edition) off eBay. I hope to also get an N900 soon.

Since then, I've been lurking this site nearly every day, noticing more and more just how much of a real "community" it is. Everyone here is so friendly and kind, and always willing to help one another out. I decided to register and say hello, which was a rather big step for me (because of my anxiety I don't really feel comfortable interacting anywhere else online).

So a huge thanks to everyone here for being so warm and welcoming, because it's hard to find places like this where everyone is respectful and easy-going. I hope to also be able to contribute to this website and help other users here as much as possible, just as they've done for others. If there's anything PDA-related I can help you out with, or you just want to have a discussion about anything in general, feel free to drop me a private message any time, and I'll endeavor to do my best to help you out

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Stop it
I can't take it

drowning in a morass of jolly camaraderie
Death by feely - feel - warmy - fuzzies!

you are reminding me of me LONG ago here...

don't stop of course...
just calm the Feelgood down to background radiation levels which are aren't lethal ..
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1/2 - neo900 pre- "purchased" in 2013. Awaiting refund process.
3-nexus 5's : 1 with Lineage oreo 8.1 (intend stable "pie" when ready) , 1 with ̶Ubuntu Touch, 1 with Maru OS (intend maemo leste when ready)

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242gb ON N800

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After lurking around like 3 years.... Here I am now.

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bada boom, bada rox, hotelcalifornia, new users, newbie, newmo!, w2tmo, welcome to

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