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Today is another happy day for Maemo 5 users:

Nokia N900 software update (part 2)

See also for a more technical changelog.

Be patient if you can't see an update yet. They will come to your time zone at some point in the following 24 hours.

For those willing to go flashing instead of update over the air: Global, USA and MENA images are available.

Check for instructions to flash your device.

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waiting.........update..............update........ ..........................update......

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Now I just need the phone and we're laughing

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WTF this week just gets better can't believe its come so soon
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Nice! Hurry up, 14th!


PS. Whee, my 150th post!
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Is telepathy-sofiasip 0.5.19-0maemo3 coming with it ? :-)
(ie: can i actually use the phone as a SIP phone?)
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Yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't see it here though! DAMN TIME ZONES!! I am not going to sleep today.. I am just going to keep on hitting on refresh!
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is MMS supported?
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I read the technical changelog... no auto-rotate? no battery percentage?

Those 2 things are important imo...
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wooHOO! It's almost here.
Cheers! Brad
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