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Big thanks to everyone who posted about which ones fitted for them, it helped me make a decision.

I went for this one:

Fits perfectly in terms of width, and when it's flush at the bottom it covers about 1/3 of the bezel above. Nice and smooth on the edges too (rounded corners) which is obviously important for edge swiping in Sailfish!

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Originally Posted by nieldk View Post
Myself. Will get this.
This product seems to be a scam. Not much real-life tests, but I found this:
I would appreciate for more observations.

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This might be perfect as it is made for Jolla.

Ordered one and trying to see how ti works as full glass replacement

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Hmm, €7.49 for the item, €10.99 for shipping to the UK. Tempting but I think I'll stay with Savvies for the time being. I still have 4 left from the pack of 6.
Thanks for the heads-up though. It is nice to see new accessories being released for such an old phone.
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I have been happy with the Brotect ones.

(I don't know whether the Airglass Premiums differ from the eBay item one way or the other, but at least they offer free shipping and cover all Jolla models including the tablet.)

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Thanks, any luck @Painkiller with your investigation? This thread would save my Jolla devices but it is too late for me .


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I tried the HTC One screen protector but experienced the same problem as Coderus.
I think it's because my glass is not flush with the frame (slightly set back). I tried several positions and some are better as others but it's never perfect. I would say this protection is 0,3 - 0,5 mm too wide.

Originally Posted by palikao View Post
Made for Jolla1
I will try this one and report.

Edit: of course this screen protection fits perfectly. It's half millimeter narrower and is also thinner than the one for the HTC One. Made in glass as well.

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