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Ahh ok.

Don't suppose you would be willing to help me out getting MicroB installed and working. Sure would love to try it out.

Gonna see about getting flash 9 installed soon as well.

Thanks again.
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Uhh, well, I installed it and loaded it, and well, it just worked. At first I went into Opera and tried to switch it in the options to MicroB. Do NOT try to do that. I went into the programs menu and it was installed in the "Extras" and I loaded it and now it works fine. I still can't get the flashplayer to work, however.
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Hmm, I managed to get it installed, but don't see anything different. No extra's menu. Tried a reboot, nothing. Shows up in the installed apps section. Any thoughts?

Thanks all.
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I've found the audio streamer appears to tie up the system resources to such an extent that even simply trying to adjust the volume is painstakingly slow - never mind trying to multitask whilst listening.

Another observation - when audio streaming the backlight remains on full brightness - not sure if it did this in 2006 or not, but at least switching off the backlight would conserve power...

Placing the cover on seems to activate some sort of sleep mode, but the battery is flat in the morning...
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Originally Posted by Linear2202 View Post
Does anyone know if any the system load applets work on the HE?
I've gotten osso-statusbar-cpu to work nicely out of the box.

You need to enable it in the control panel after installing:

Control panel -> Navigation -> Status bar
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Ahh, I will try that. Thank you. I was not even thinking about looking for some settings. I was just expecting the bar to show up after reboot.

Thanks again.
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I just tried oss-statusbar-cpu on a new install of 2007HE and it doesn't run at all.
No amount of changes to the control panel settings will make it show up on the status bar.
I looked through the process list and didn't see any sign of life there either.
Tried rebooting, reinstalling to no avail.
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Did you enable the Osso-Statusbar-CPU applet in the Tools--Control Panel--Navigation--Status Bar tab? I had forgotten that the indicator just doesn't 'show up' like some of the similar status bar indicators.

Hope this helps.
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Yes, that's it. But it's listed as Graph Plugin, I missed it before.
Thanks for the help!
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I can not get Microb to install properly, despite it saying it had installed fine - I get the error on start up. I uninstalled, cleared out the cache4 directory and got my Opera back thankfully.

But installing the Flash 9 plugin was no problem following Milhouse's steps. It works like a charm.

What I'm noticing though... my Bluetooth status keeps going to on, despite me setting it off. That's annoying.

I have on my 770 though pretty much all in this thread:
Idea 1.1
Kagu 1.07
OM Weather
Panel Clock
Flash 9 Player

Just wished that Microb would behave. Well that and Skype would make me happy.
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