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hey i would just like to ask if there is a dictionary app in the N900 available for download. . . dictionary which displays MEANING of words NOT TRANSLATION. . . without the use of internet or such. Thanks a bunch in advance.


ive tried mstar dic if your gonna suggest that. . it doesnt work like i wanted it to be w/o the use of internet. . .
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MStardict and QStarDict are just viewers for certain format dictionaries. They work perfect without data connection.
There are many different dictionaries for these viewers - some of them giving you meaning of a word(e.g. Oxford English dictionary) or giving you translation(e.g. German - English).
I am afraid you have to describe what exactly are you searching for. I think you just have to download the desired dictionary(type&language).
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i think u shold ask "why mstardict is not working"instead of suggestting the dictionary. search in this thread

why is not woring for you ,u may be making some mistakes dude...(trust me if u get this work u will need no dictionary after that.

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