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Speadtrum gona slowly incorporate firefox as the platform across entire range of its chipsets maybe it will retire its mocor platform completely the mocor platform got apps like whatsapp facebook twitter a range of games themes photo editors camera effects and features like hdr lomo smile detection etc on phones around and below $25 spice and intex are due to launch firefox os in july and agust and lava more coming later.
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Mozilla to Take on Chromecast with Firefox OS-running Device
Prototype already in hands of a select group of developers

Google’s nearly year-old Chromecast dongle is about to get some fresh competition. Mozilla is gearing up to take on the $35 Chromecast with a Firefox OS-powered media streaming stick. The company’s plans came to light a few days back when a Mozilla evangelist shared a photo of a “fully open TV casting prototype device running Firefox OS” via Twitter.

Mozilla evangelist Christian Heilmann’s tweet outing the prototype was soon followed by a blog post containing a video of the said device (below) over at Gigaom. In the post, author Janko Roettgers describes the still unnamed streaming device as being part of an “ambitious project that aims to combine Mozilla’s commitment to openness with a Chromecast-like media streaming device,” adding that he has been closely monitoring the effort for some time now.

Per Roettgers, the device, which is currently in the possession of a handful of developers, can also run a number of Chromecast apps. Further, unlike Google’s dongle, the Firefox OS-powered device won’t be accompanied by any content restrictions. If that’s not enough, it will come with an open boot loader and support casting from almost all major platforms.

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Firefox will soon come with a built in WebIDE for developing apps for Firefox OS.

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Firefox OS 2.0 UI and Design Features

Some of the new features announced for Firefox OS 2.0 are:
* Users can copy/paste and select items.
* A new lock screen with a music player and scrollable notifications.
* Find my phone feature that will help you find your phone through GPS trackers and will emit a noise when near.
* Firefox Accounts Integration that will log you into everything with the help of just one login.
* Creating ringtones from music.
* Smarter typing input
* NFC technology that will help share data with other phones and devices
* Direct dialing within the call log
* A new camera app

Here is the updated UI and some work in progress updates in Firefox OS 2.0. Obviously, everything shown is not final as the system build is updated every day, and a final update is due for release in late summer.

The first change you will notice is the updated lock screen. It is clear, uncluttered and attractively designed. The new two directional slide lock bar now lets you access the camera app directly without unlocking the screen. The screen lacks any visible borders, making the UI elements and UX more unified. Even the status bar has only a subtle gradient, refusing to keep a black solid border. Being able to see the notifications from the lock screen is unique in Firefox OS, a feature which Google recently introduced at I/O for Android L (a coincidence perhaps?).

Whereas in Android the application drawer and home screens are separate, they are in the same menu in Firefox OS. The application screens can currently be highly customized with icon alignment, organization and size easily modifiable on the fly by holding an app icon. These features provide fantastic functionality for those with accessibility requirements or just those with large fingers!

The notifications bar is still heavily inspired by Android, putting push notifications on top, data usage next, and quick access to settings at the bottom. However, in future updates the notification bar is set to be overhauled completely. Itís layout is set to change and users will be able to access it from sliding from the bottom upwards, instead from the top downwards.

The dial screen has been also revamped, with bigger buttons and a cleaner interface. The high contrast rich colors and buttons look slick and modern, yet warm, due to their round forms, an aspect which adds to the UIís friendliness.

This friendliness is a characteristic which Firefox OS achieves well. Due to Mozillaís community nature, a good portion of Firefox OS code and contributions are made by volunteers, a unique approach for a mobile OS. This generally only happens in true Open Source Communities (unlike Android), hence the big hope among enthusiasts, who want it to succeed.

Mozilla has set some serious goals for Firefox OS in 2014. Amongst them is to own 1% of the Mobile OS market share, which is a large goal, yet doable if everyone continues to pull together. You can find the Roadmap of Firefox OS here.

Firefox OS is definitely a game changer. Penetrating the market with a $25 smartphone could enable it to compete with the big boys Apple and Google. There is a lot yet to be improved in Firefox OS, but do you remember Android in its first 2 years? You donít? Well, probably best. There is a long way for Firefox OS to go, but with such a large and enthusiastic community involved, it will definitely make a lasting impact.

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what about port to n9 ?

Please help to list all maemo existing apps :

I am looking for " 4 inch TFT LCD display screen " for Nokia n950 HandSet

Also, I need online storage to archive files :

Upcoming contest:
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I wonder if somebody has already built this for N9, as I found the first FFOS iteration pretty drab & dull.
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Yes are there mozillans around ?
Please help to list all maemo existing apps :

I am looking for " 4 inch TFT LCD display screen " for Nokia n950 HandSet

Also, I need online storage to archive files :

Upcoming contest:
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Originally Posted by View Post
Yes are there mozillans around ?
I'm using early release on my blade lll. Pretty nice. Never tried it on my n9. How is it?
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Originally Posted by View Post
what about port to n9 ?
I thought romaxa did a port of Firefox OS to the N9 (based on NITDroid) some time ago. I'm sure I remember seeing a video. I'll see if I can dig it up. It should be a good starting point for getting FFOS 2.0 running.

Here it is:

Here's the pre-built image:

and here are the instructions for how to build it:
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Originally Posted by wicket View Post
I thought romaxa did a port of Firefox OS to the N9 (based on NITDroid) some time ago.
He did so, but:
Unfortunately that image is long gone (for unknown reason to me).
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