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Curious. Looking back, what was the phone that you were most happy with at the time of ownership.

Mine, was hands-down the Palm Treo 650.
Loved that phone.
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I remember switching to the vibrant and high res 650's (screen) and coming from the low-res low-color-pallette Treo 600 I was completely awed....

But I had too much cruft from the 600 and my 650 was never really stable. It had pretty crappy build quality too (Although Palm replaced my device a few times everytime they broke down).

For me, it was the Treo 680. Much of the same of 650, without the antenna nub... and much more stable

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Them keys look... lets just say its not an IBM keyboard.

For phone... dunno, mine must been Nokia E71. Just the keyboard went broken twice. But damn, it was fast to use, usability-wise (it didn't have OMAP3 or sth for horsepower). Sometimes, I think a touchscreen gives too much freedom, also allowing for too much mistakes.

Hopefully SGS will be even better
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Am I allowed to say my N900? Actually, it could've been my G1, which was my first smartphone. I had a decent news and weather widget, and Google Sky Map is awesome, but even with an overclock, it couldn't really handle froyo; the browser wouldn't even load pages. It was wonderful for phone calls though, and I woulda kept it if it weren't for the $199 N900 deal..
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I've only had 3 phones, all Nokia. 6682, N95-3, N900.

N95 was the game-changer for me, it did all the things I wish the 6682 would do: higher-resolution screen, more RAM, much faster, etc. Once it was hackable you could do lots of interesting things, with rompatcher etc. Getting transitions working was pretty cool at the time! And there was Apache/PHP/MySQL etc for N95 which also was pretty impressive.

N900 is clearly the most powerful and my favorite of the 3, but I think as far as "wow" factor N95 was (at the time) more impressive.

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I used
Sony Ericsson P990i
HTC P3400
HTC Touch HD
HTC Hero

Now i am using N900

My Fav phone is always N900
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N900 - No contest.

I have carried a mobile computing device since the days of a Psion Organiser, then series 3, then a 5MX, then 770, N800, N810, now N900.

A phone has always been a box with 2 functions, phone calls and mobile data. with the N900, I now carry 1 device instead of up to 4 (MP3, camera, satnav/gps, phone)/ Easy call really.

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Nokia E90.
Great phone !
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Well, now I am using N900 and am pretty sattisfy from it.
But my favorite phone is and still is Ericsson T39 iceblue collor.

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I have a real soft-spot for my trusty old Sony Ericsson w810i

I bought it the week it was released and was using it right up until the day I got my N900. Such a great little phone

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