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Originally Posted by AapoRantalainen View Post
1.0.1.deb ready. Link on first post.

Uses ffmpeg-2.5.4 (from Android_808). ffmpeg is compiled inside ppsspp and filesize is now doubled (this is how upstream deal with it).

Uses Qt. Not SDL at all. (Because ppsspp deprecated sdl1 and sdl2 is not yet for us).
It complains for many thumb libs missing, is it for thumb only? can you upload a armel version 1.0.1 too? and please tag the current one with "_thumb".

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New version 1.0.1 is working better and seems to manage also the iso/cso containing avi animations and demos.

Anyway, i have to admit that everything is very slow and i'm still undecided about the right setting (if there is one) to obtain an usable setup.
Maybe some kind of gcc optimization could help.

The files inside debian folder of your ppsspp repo seems to have wrong permissions, if you can, please upload also the sources.

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i've downloaded the ppsspp to my phone ( N900 ) and i tried to installed it but due to some missing packages it didnt installed, i tried to download the missing package "libstdc ++6.... 4.7.2 cssu0" but it didnt installed, it wriote "incompactible applicatio package" not only this, most of the application i wanted to install used to wrte incompactible packages, pls i need your help, i didnt knw the solution to it, someone should pls send the solution to my email address below

thanks so much.
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Hello guys, i was looking that while play DBZ Shin Budokai 2 on my N900 with ppsspp 1.0.1 the CPU Load never up from 50% in total (and 35% more or less only the ppsspp process)

Any chance to force more cpu load for ppsspp and, of course, improve the fps rate ???
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Link on first post is dead, maybe upload new one on openrepos?
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Hi sir. Thanks for the instructions.
Is it possible you could upload the files for ppsspp again?
I find the following link is no longer available.
Thank you
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Originally Posted by tcbl50 View Post

always check the Wayback machine
Did you really checked it? It is only the list of files.

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Did you really checked it? It is only the list of files.
Yeah, was about to ask the same thing.

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