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Originally Posted by shmerl View Post
No, it should be 92,304. Or may be not? Where does that number come from anyway?
Sounds like it came from a part order to me. Or from someone's donkeyparts.
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eldar (yet again) have said slightly more than 100k N900 were sold.
(And how many of them are used as developer device is another thing...)

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Originally Posted by uppercase View Post
First he said the N9 will be dropped, now that we've seen the leaks he claims for funny low production numbers. Three month from now he will say that the handset is full of bugs and not ready for market. How can you even predict production numbers ? Do they break the molds when 92,000 has reached ?
Yes, he did say that it was dropped. The first N9 (remember, that's a marketing name, not the system/internal name) was rumored not just by him but by folks here as being put on the back burner. It wasn't long after that the MeeGo alignment came to light.

His initial comments about the N9 were that he loved the hadrware, but the software was too rough to make assumptions towards. Most recently, he called the entire product garbage. There's about a 9 month outlay between those. If anything, he's *not* said that its an immature product - only that its late, and its management is one of the many ills that Nokia's current product run has going against it.

Production runs, especially on the scale that Nokia tends to release devices, are always approximated. Many times, these numbers aren't that far off, with the exception of successes (the 5800 was a bit unexpected because it was late, the N900 got a bit more run even though it was late and unfinished, etc.) Any company that's been running things for as long as Nokia has plans and rolls pretty efficiently (remember, they've essentially defined leadership in mobile for a decade, and technically, they still lead even after bleeding 10+% of marketshare while increasing sales). It is a rare case when Nokia isn't able to meet production needs for their products, and usually, its so far down the line in terms of components that they can usually get another contractor to fill what is missing - companies of all kinds would kill for that kind of logistical efficiency.

So yes, they break molds at 92K, they even break molds at 1000. It all depends on what the market is, what the company wants to bear/support, and in the end, whether the mark is worth it to the shareholders.

I say all of this not because I'm a fan of Eldar, but because he has been more right than wrong. And normally, its his attitude that comes across to many as a cancer, not his facts.

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Since Nokia never gives out numbers of anything sold since the N95 and 5800 days and devices, there's not going to be a way to verify this.

So... I say it's 92,001. I've decided.
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So, say they were sold at $500 to $600. Here I've assumed just as unlocked phone with no contract. At 92,000 units thats about $50 million gross or so. What would be a good estimate of their net?
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@gerbick, you are absolutely correct. 92,000 + the one shown on the leaked video. Take that Eldar.
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I always wish there was a yawn button/face everytime I hear about the Oricle that is Eldar.........zzzzzzzzzz
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Epic Fail

Originally Posted by frostbyte View Post
@gerbick, you are absolutely correct. 92,000 + the one shown on the leaked video. Take that Eldar.
You forgot another one... The one I saw on the trash can at nokia factory because the GPU chip was bitten by a stray dog

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