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Was reading this piece over at the Britannica blog this weekend and its leveled several reflections on my end. Figured that I'd post it here to hear your thoughts as well.

Here's one of the many interesting pieces said in this piece:

AI watchers predict that natural-language search will replace what some call “keywordese” in five years. Once search evolves from an awkward word hunt — guessing at the key words that might be in the document you’re looking for — to a “conversation” with an AI entity, the next logical step is vocal conversation with your computer. Ask a question and get an answer. No reading necessary.
And here's the whole article:

The implications on mobile/web with something like this is pretty interesting, don't you think?
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The principle already exists, even though it's not a discussion as you might usually consider it.

With the new Google, when you do a search you can show the "Search Options", and the very interesting bit is the Wonder Wheel. It's a pretty intuitive and nifty feature...

And that's how you can go from "maemo" to "alderley edge school cheshire" in just a few clicks... (maemo, forum nokia, forum nokia pro, forum nokia pro joins industry leaders, cutting edge technologies, cutting edge technology 2009, cutting edge festival 2009, kutting edge kitchener, automotive edge kitchener on, automotive edge cheshire, audley edge cheshire, alderley edge school cheshire).

I'm guessing that the way some AIs are able to "guess" what we're thinking of just by asking specific questions will shape the search engines of the future. The worrying thing though, is how those search engines will use what they know about us!
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I'm not looking forward to co-workers talking to their computers in their cubicles.. it's bad enough with phone conversations.
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