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Finally a decent syncing note app!
From their website

What you get:
*Access to all your notes, notebooks and tags
*Full editing support for plain-text notes; appending text for
rich-text notes
*Creating and editing notes when offline
*Viewing images in notes
*Viewing note attachments (PDFs, audio)
*Adding images to notes
*Removing attachments from plain-text notes
*Offline access for notes marked Favourites and for notes in
Offline Notebooks

What you don't get:

*Rich-text notes can't be freely edited (appending only)
*Cannot add arbitrary files as attachments (images only)
*Cannot rename or remove notebooks / tags

Price: 3 (In Finland)
After a few days of usage I can highly recommend the app.

Disclaimer: I have no connections to the devs. Posted to give information to members, not to promote. I was very happy to find this on store.
Please avoid feeding the trolls.

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Hello everyone.

Notekeeper is now open-source:

My question to the experienced programmers:
How hard is it to get a binary for our warehouse from the github-sources:
To build a working copy of Notekeeper, you will need to:
Obtain a fresh API key from Evernote
Create a random key for encryption

I'm just a regular meego user and got no experience with programming or developing apps.

Thanks for your help.

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and maybe a version for sailfish as well - as bluewhale is not reliable -
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Does anyone know what the last version of notekeeper available from the ovi store was?
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ginggs, 2.1.1

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it's 2.1.1

application, evernote, notes, syncing

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