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Is it?... Sorry, didn't know.
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Some nice ideas and good to see the platform being taken seriously by a large and influential 3rd party. I do however wonder about privacy issues with the 'weave' functionality: until that is clarified I'll be steering clear.
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I use Weave on 5 desktop systems to keep them all in sync and it works like a charm. Sync is handled through an outside server, but all data is encrypted client side with a key of your choosing prior to upload to the server. The username and password used to authenticate you to the service is separate from the key. If you don't want to use Weave, then just don't. Nobody is forcing you to do so.
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Thread should be merged with

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Originally Posted by pelago View Post
Thread should be merged...
It is done.

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weave is the interesting thing about fennec for me. hmm now only if it synced with google bookmarks..
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When are the release candidates and official releases coming?

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