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I see that most of you have trouble finding the right mount. I've decided to do a quick review of this windshield/dash mount that I've purchased at a local Best Buy. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

Price: $24.99

Pros: (the numbers are not rank they're random. just so you know)
1. Quality: This thing mounts on the windshield very solid. I was just doing a test mount so I did not clean the windshield and the mount tends to stay on pretty solid. I even attempted to pull it off with good amount of force and it does a great job sticking to it knowing that the surface is unclean.

2. Comes with Dash and Windshield option: This little guy comes with a dash disk with adhesive so you can also mount the windshield mount on to the disk if you'd like.

3. No or barely noticeable noise: There are other mounts out there I've tried that make noise while going on bad road or even while driving. This mount so far has been solid and hasn't produce any noise yet.

4. Adjustable: The base has a little knob that you can adjust the arm up and down or however you mount it. Then the neck (is that what you call it?) also have a knob to secure the device swivel joint. Again, I find these knobs and joint secure the device very well unlike goosenecks or ball joint type of mounts which can be worn out over time. The best thing is that this thing has very good adjustable range for different device (yes you can even mount the n900 with its case on ). At the bottom (looking at it vertically) there are two leg or whatever can swing out for extra support if in portrait view. I don't think its necessary needed when mounting it horizontally. The sides (looking vertically) has two arms which can extend out pretty wide. The soft foam attach to it does a great job keeping the device secure and you can tighten the device down very well due to the thick foam. Finally, all ports and buttons are accessible! nothing is being block off by the arms or anything. The legs are nicely tucked in and can swing out if needed for extra support (which may block something like headphone jack but it depends on how you mount it). The arms on the sides are hollow so the buttons are not being pressed or cover when mounting it in place. On the back of the mount there is a quick release button which is very useful when taking the device off. Once press, the arms automatically spring out (remember to hold your device or it will fall out).

5. Grip: This is has a very strong grip on the n900 as stated above. I did a few sharp turns, going over few bumps and it didn't make a move.

6. Brick and Motar: Yes, if you don't like it. You can take it to your local best buy and return it. Unlike online this would be a hassle if you are unsatisfied with it.

7. STURDY!: well itís very sturdy

cons: (could be user preference)

1. This thing has plastic arm so most people would prefer the goose neck type where you can bend in different types of directions. Again It's user preference. To me I find the plastic arm more solid in the long run. I had a psp gooseneck mount which wore out over time and now it keeps swiveling around while I make some turns.

2. Price? To me I think it's reasonable knowing that it came with the disk option to dash mount. But compare to other products online it maybe a little expensive to others. (User pref. again )
3. Plastic Gears: Ok. This is the only concern (so far) I have with this mount. The way these foam arms secure the device are by locking in these gears behind the cradle. I just have a feeling that the gears may break because itís plastic? But who knows only time can tell on this part it doesnít seem to be a con maybe Iím just very picky lol
4. Typing: Here is where I hope the onscreen keyboard works in text entry. Itís fine if you donít use the keyboard (depends on what youíre doing) but I find it annoying when you have to take it off the mount to type in something (I was using GPS). Other than that I donít see any other cons.

Well thatís all I can think for now. If you have any other questions or comment feel free to ask.
I love driving now with my n900

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Thanks for the mini review, when we get some real gps programs out there on the N900 or if I manage to get the aux adapter I need to plug the N900 into my car radio I will need to get one of these. Id get one now for the FM transmitter but its just not quite strong enough's Avatar
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does it also.hold the N900 with charger and/or audio out plugged in?
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@viciousXusmc : well if you donwload some app from the catalog the fm booster seems to work for me also there's a thread out there on how to amplify FM trans. I mainly use it so im hands free for calls and music. Maybe later for Ovi maps because right now it sucks.

@eike: yes, i can plug both in with out issues all ports and buttons are accessible.

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