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Originally Posted by theonelaw View Post
That sounds a lot like what I have been seeing,
do you have any kind of reference that describes
what is going on there ?
Back when I was researching this, this was the best that I came up with:

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Originally Posted by kureyon View Post
Another related problem is how it wants to call back to the google mothership before it even allows you to use wifi. There are situations where I just want the device to have local network access via a wifi access point that is not connected to the internet. But ****ing google mandates that the device conducts a "connectivity" test to ensure it can access the internet before it allows you to use the wifi connection (not strictly true - you can use it for a few seconds whilst it conducts the "connectivity" test and when it fails then it cuts off access).
Sounds well known.
Possibly the way Nokia would have become also?
[even that behaviour on MeeGo/Symbian was 'just for user convenience': check internet accessibility, open a login/gateway/proxy landing page; else set connection from automatic use to manual]
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