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Happy birthday to Nokia tablet, happy birthday to Nokia tablet........hope many more happy birthdays to come.

Cant help but noticing the coincidence, today:
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Default Re: N800 supply and price
its dead jim...


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Happy birthday Maemo. The boy is growing up and being taught new skills all the time.
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Happy birthday to all of the "internettablets" family.

Hope this will last longer in time even more than what we are now celebrating.

I have gone through all of the OS, starting from 2005 when I received my Nokia 770 during November 2005, then all of the others and now I'm waiting for the next tablet to see whether it is worth buying (I decided to remain with my N800 for the moment), it was a great user and community experience and I'm sure it will be as well in the future since everyday new users are joining and new softwares, hacks and ideas are appearing.

Long life to the internettablets (and to ITT )
Does life seem worthwhile to you?
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Originally Posted by Texrat View Post
Those comments were meant in a broader sense, ie, platform.
Yeah, I know. Sorry for the negativity, but I guess I kinda feel a bit burned from being one of the early adopters. Obviously I believe in the concept enough to have put hard cash in for the effort. It's just frustrating to be able to get the latest updates for my 9 year old Pentium II GNU/Linux boxen (which I use daily) and not be able to do the same for my 770 after 1 year of ownership. (Yes, Nokia made an effort to make the hacker edition, but after reading all the reports of things broken and it not being supported, I can't say that counts as an update to the latest and greatest.) I do look forward to the next tablet though, in hopes of snatching one of the current ones for cheap, but there's always that lingering fear of software obsolescence...

Unlike a phone, it seems that tablets need constant software upgrades to keep up with the web experience, because that's what a tablet is supposed to do. For a phone, as long as it makes a phone call, I don't mind that it is lacking in other features, like a full browser.
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Okay, I don't feel so abandoned... I installed the latest OS2007HE and have to say that it works quite nicely! Very fast! Since I mostly use the N770 as a browser when traveling and as a photo album, it's exactly the kind of upgrade I needed. It's a shame that it's not officially supported, thus, making it unlikely that someone like myself, who's interested in a tool, not a tinkering box, will install it.

Unfortunately the reason why I installed it in the first place is because of a bug. I'm getting "No connections available" in my rich wi-fi access point area. One speculation is that the connection list is getting overflowed. OS2007HE and OS2006 don't work but OS2005 does. Anyway, if anyone else is afflicted with this same bug, vote for bug #2082 on Bugzilla via

Kudos to Nokia for making an effort to keep us N770 users up-to-date. I'll more likely install the unsupported updates now.

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