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Is Jussi back from vacation?
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The new logo looks awesome. Congrats!
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I don't like it, Peres submission was way better IMO.
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Is that comment really very constructive or useful at this point? After all, with so many entries, I'd bet over half the people here preferred some other logo over it. If you've got specific issues (say, it looks obscene when rotated 90 degrees, or worse, in it's normal orientation), those would be helpful, but I just don't see any point airing my views that some other logo looks better to me...

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To me the winner was one of the very best logos. There were many good ones, the only ones I didn't like much are those where the letters 'A' and 'E' were combined into a single letter, that results in the letter 'Ć' which is a distinct letter in at least Danish and Norwegian, and that letter sounds nothing like what the 'AE' in maemo is supposed to sound according to some description I read somewhere (wiki maybe).

But there were many good logo suggestions. The winner is a great one though IMO.
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I need to get this off my chest. Please bash me or agree with me politely.

IMO, I was kind of let down looking at the endless ways that maemo was just redone with a different font and a play on the letters "ae". My submissions admittedly aren't that great, but I was at least trying to think outside of that box and aim for a smarter logo for a smart group of people. There are a bunch of “smarter” logo’s that were submitted by others and I see that none of them made it to the top four. Why?

I know that when you look around at the world of logo’s most of them are usually text with a modification or change of colors. Look at Amazon, Toys R’ Us, Google, Nokia, etc. Maybe, this is why from the previous paragraph.

In the end, I know the logo selected is a good logo. I applaud its choice and stand by the decisions of my fellow NIT enthusiasts. It was fun and a great thing that the maemo logo contest was opened up to everyone. I’d like to see more things like this in the future.
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kinda reminds me of fedora infinity :P

the logo is pretty cool though

Here is my suggestion for merchandise idea (didn't really know who to send it to )

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