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Nokia Europe is now showing a flip case for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, while the description says that it includes two additional magnets, there is still no info if the screen turns off when you flip down the cover:The case protects your Nokia N800 Internet Tablet and lets you conveniently carry the device with you when on the go. The two additional magnets allow you to attach your Nokia N800 Internet Tablet to where you want to keep it, like the refridgerator door. Case is available in two colours: stylish black and attractive red. Sales package content: Case, two additional magnets, cleaning wipe
Read the full article.
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It does not shut off. At the Nokia CES tent a few of the N800's being held by Nokia reps had this cover/flap installed. I did note that it just covers the screen and nothing more.
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People on this forum have run magnets over their N800s and the N800s don't go into standby - that feature is gone, unfortunately.

Also, the case you refer to has been discussed in the forums and is NOT currently available for sale. You might want to mention there is no known availablility date for the case, or see if you can find out a date from any Nokia chums you might have?

For the UK at least, this link will return all current N800 accessories (note: no case/flap thing).

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Actually, I did see the flip case over at Tableteer and it said 'Coming Soon'.
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That could be a Duke Nukem Forever "coming soon"
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This is real. I got a picture of one at CES.
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That doesn't look like much of anything. If I could tell how it attaches to the 800, I'm sure I could make my own.

Could you see how?
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I suspect that its attached to a replacment back cover.
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I thought it wasn't such a good idea to have magnets near electronic devices like the those phone covers with those really strong magnet clip, my old 7610's screen went all funny with those.

I like the idea of sticking it the the fridge though! I can order groceries and whatnot online whilst being by the fridge to check out stuff I need! hahaha!

I'm worried though that it would just slip and smash on the kitchen strong is that magnet? And if it's that strong, will it not affect the N800?
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There are two historical reasons why magnets and computers don't mix. One is that computers have typically had magnetic storage devices like floppy disks and hard disks. The other is that magnets placed near a CRT screen could misdirect the electron beam, causing it to hit another part of the screen than that intended, resulting a lovely, usually temporary, rainbow effect. The Nokia IT uses solid state flash for storage and a LCD screen for display purposes. Neither should be able to be affected by a few small magnets. Of course, if you bring you IT with you to have a MRI taken, it is liable to become a projectile

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