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Meeting held 2015-02-10 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

William McBee (gerbick), Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Alexander Kozhevnikov (MentalistTraceur), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen), Oksana Tkachenko (Oksana/Wikiwide),

Peter Pichler (pichlo),

Martin Kolman (M4rtinK), Paul Healey (sixwheeledbeast),


Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • Extras: maintainer of libssh2-1
  • eV: bank account
  • domain registration and maemo trademarks
  • Autobuilder: thumb toolchain and GCC versions
  • Election system: automatic calculation of results and personal URL in email
  • IRC cloaks

Topic (Extras: maintainer of libssh2-1):

  • sixwheeledbeast: who is looking after maintainers on extras packages?
    Someone wishes to be a maintainer of libssh2-1 package, they got no response from the current maintainer; there should be pending requests in Midgard.
Topic (eV: bank account):

  • Juiceme sent a thick wad of signed and notarized papers to Germany , expecting them to be filled out correctly :) .
Topic ( domain registration and maemo trademarks):

  • Thanks to warfare for getting the domain switch done so neatly. He graciously paid up the domains for a year at the same time!
  • Win7Mac, member of Hildon Foundation Board, has emailed to Roschier Brand Attorneys about trademarks renewal.
Topic (Autobuilder: thumb toolchain and GCC versions):

  • Would thumb target and-or GCC versions make building Qt5 on Fremantle possible?
  • There are currently: 3.4.4 (for Diablo and Fremantle); 4.2.1 and 4.4 (failed) and 4.6.1 (why non-free?) (for Fremantle)
Topic (Election system: automatic calculation of results and personal URL in email):

  • MentalistTraceur hasn't looked at the PHP code for elections, yet.
  • juiceme will add the email template to the code repository - currently there's only the DB general schema.
    Besides combining email and token in email template to form a personal URL, the log-in mechanism needs to be tweaked a bit, to retain the state correctly when entering through personal URL.
    The personal URL should help with voting in cases where copy-and-paste is a problem, such as N9, Jolla, GeeksPhone (Firefox OS)...
Topic (IRC cloaks):

  • Did not hear back from X-Fade, yet, about alternative Group Contacts for Freenode...

Action Items:
  • -- old items:
    • The selected Code of Conduct (KDE) still needs to be published on (T)MO.
    • Looking into automatic calculation of election results ...
    • Possible addition of personal voting link into email template in the DB of election system...
    • Contacting freemangordon and merlin1991 about auto-builder: CSSU-thumb target, GCC versions?
    • Contacting X-Fade, as well as Freenode staff directly, about the GC.
    • Getting maemo trademark registration (everywhere!) renewed (and transferred to Hildon Foundation) by the end of February.
    • archiving Ovi/Nokia store, especially for Harmattan.
  • -- new items:

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