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Thread closed, this thread has served it's purpose, according to the OP their issue is resolved

Really don't know where to ask help, but I am trying here.
Maybe somebody who was following the thread "[feature-request] Option to flag comment as offensive" could defend me against my ban(Hootee), because I did not write anything to that thread. Eric has somehow got to his head that I was making offensive comments. I am in a shock.

Please if you followed or participated in that thread, say something, so Eric can correct this mistake.

I know this is not the place for this, but I thought here is somebody who was thinking in TJC that who the hell is Hootee and why is he blocked.

Thank you

Last edited by jalyst; 2015-02-06 at 18:54. Reason: Problem solved

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It is indeed a mistake, and I'm currently correcting it.
I just need first to retrieve some logs.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your account will be restored and I will notify you...

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I of course got banned.

The last time I got banned from something was Religious Education classes in school. The teacher asked us to write an essay about the big sky fairy. You can imagine how that went.

I then spent the next year in the school library with a girl whose parents were Jehovah's Witnesses (she certainly wasn't) and with a BBC B micro.

Here's hoping. :-)

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Dear Shaun,

Of course your account was suspended since you spammed with the following comments that might not be seen offensive on TMO but are on TJC, as many users marked them as such.

So in my opinion it's fair to suspend your account based on the evidence below (note that it's not blocked, you can still edit/post on the topics you earlier opened).

Here's the course of events for the sake of accuracy and to put a little perspective on my decision.

2015-02-06 00:15:44 aegis Grow a thicker skin
2015-02-06 00:16:11 aegis Grow bigger ovaries
2015-02-06 00:16:30 aegis Grow bigger balls
2015-02-06 00:17:02 aegis Have faith in your convictions
2015-02-06 00:17:33 aegis Try looking outside your bubble
2015-02-06 00:18:05 aegis Stop being so precious
2015-02-06 00:19:37 aegis Stick your fingers in your ears and wait for the ideas you don't like to go away
2015-02-06 00:20:11 aegis Stop taking yourself so seriously
2015-02-06 00:23:05 aegis Ask yourself why you feel offended

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Dear Eric,

I personally do not see anything offensive in any of those comments. The word "balls" may be used as offensive in some context but "to have balls" is a common expression meaning to have courage. Similarly, "grow bigger balls" means, "get more courage" or "do not be a coward". "Grow bigger ovaries" was aegis' attempt at lightening up the tone.

All of the above are merely references on the same two themes. When you feel offended, first start from asking yourself why (maybe the post hit the nerve? maybe it said something you didn't want to admit?). Second, if you want to participate in online discussions, prepare yourself to the fact that some people may not agree with you. Playing the offended game and running to mamma is for little children.

I would not post them as separate answers in the thread and I can see how that can be seen as spamming but please try to see this in the context: you have three members getting increasingly intolerant and aggressive, particularly towards aegis (and, to smaller extent, to me), pointing splinters in his eyes but failing to see beams in their own. Understandably, aegis got increasingly frustrated.

I find it a very worrying trend that aggressive and intolerant members should be rewarded by taking their side and punishing the members who are trying to bring some sense to the discussion.

Lastly, my apologies to the TMO members who have no idea what all this is about. You have every right to not know or care and I am sorry that this matter has spilled from one forum to another.

In particle accelerators atoms are indeed not only touching each others. But banging together in a massive explosive orgasm.
-- nieldk in a TMO post

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Please do not continue this here. Certainly not on my behalf.

I'm in the library with a hot girl and a new computer. Life is good.

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Dear Peter,

I already got some background information from Shaun on the humorous tone he implied and surely didn't reach out, to the point of being seen so offensive.

I tend to see a lot of provocation in such language, and I find it offensive because it carries a quite disrespectful tone.
This might have to do with my foreign conduct of English language - pardon my French - and the same might apply to many of our Community members, hence the "outrage".

The frequency of these comments clearly demonstrates that the intent was to provoke rather than being constructive, reasonable or add value of any kind - unlike your own attempts to mitigate.
This is why I stand behind my decision of suspending Shaun's account.

After a close look at the logs, I have restored your karma points and apologize since I made a wrong decision in the morning for your involvement.
I actually want to thank you for elevating the discussion, trying to mitigate and now get to the core of the problem and its associated risks for our Community.
Welcome to discuss more on TJC so we improve, together.

I hope Shaun will post a pic from the library to nicely end up this thread as he requires...

Well, actually I don't need a picture
I took all necessary corrective actions so let's carry on!


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