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Originally Posted by psonek View Post
The N900 browser has quite simple solution. Trying to run modern browser will never work - the device does not have enough RAM and fast CPU for it.

But the solution is quite simple - use fast server to render pages for you. Did this myself with VNC....
Is 'Firefox Quantum' worth looking at?
It apparently reduces load on CPU; increasing the load on 'graphics'?

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Replying to an old thread, but hey anyone talking is a good thing right? after years of putting my N900 into the closet I decided to go back into it again.

I know you wont be able to get all those fancy today-era commercially supported apps but I don't honestly mind because with all the telemetry data gathering and all the privacy issues surrounding new mobile OSes and services I am glad to forego all the conveniences and go back to an era where the big guys hadn't even thought of the creepy things that they do these days.

In short I'm going to go back to it and see where it will take me. Haha

Besides if something is missing there is always a way to get it working on the N900 after all a bit of coding and tweaking here and there and I think it can be very useful in today's era

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Originally Posted by mike727 View Post
Is 'Firefox Quantum' worth looking at?
It apparently reduces load on CPU; increasing the load on 'graphics'?

For someone to answer the firefox quantum idea!!!!
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Accidentally made whole last week with N900, my phone was given to someone, and the delivery of Xperia X was delayed.

It is almost usable. Telegram worked with libpurple, Emails never had an issue with deprecation.

The issues for me were Whatsapp, Cutetube, and tons of javascripts in today's Internet, but the last one was somehow usable with Opera.

Keeping it as second phone.

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