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Originally Posted by attila77 View Post
Just to clear up a few things - as much as I hate the /opt problem, we're talking about dev repos here. There is no guarantee about anything there - it's the wild west. So yeah, stuff should gravitate to optification, but the chief rule is still caveat emptor.
Yes, hence this thread.

AFAIK this problem isn't going to just go away for step 5, either. The maemo6 device will run on the same OMAP3 as N900, and IIRC the 256 MB flash was the biggest option for OMAP3. Even if that is doubled by next year, it's not going to make this a non-issue. Also, you want the rootfs on the faster flash, so that's why it's there...

Since it's a compressed FS this is a bit tricky. There was the idea of the autobuilder inserting a helper field in the debs about the 'real' disk usage of a package (to prevent even considering packages that can't fit), but I don't know what happened to that train of though...
Ran out of steam (well, at least the "userspace" side of it did):

I actually looked into this a bit when i found out HAM is open, but the atmosphere of discouragement of the idea in that brainstorm thread made me put it on hold, at least until i see how my first submitted patch to HAM is handled (or not). No sense spending time on it if it will never see the light of day.

Unofficial PR1.3/Meego 1.1 FAQ

Classic example of arbitrary Nokia decision making. Couldn't just fallback to the no brainer of tagging with lat/lon if network isn't accessible, could you Nokia?
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Originally Posted by pycage View Post
The package manager shows it in the details summary.
It does? where? Mine only shows the dependencies, not the repositories they come from.
That would be quite useful, actually
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Originally Posted by tpaixao View Post
It does? where? Mine only shows the dependencies, not the repositories they come from.
That would be quite useful, actually
-choose an app to install
-click 'details' button on confirmation screen
-on 'Summary' tab at the bottom is listed 'Catalog' - this appears to tell what repository the package will be installed from.

however i still like the idea of color coding for non 'safe' packages. red or yellow is very clear and would help to show that what is being chosen needs to have an understanding on possible impact.

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