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@coderus, @jakibaki, thank you both so much for fixing these issues.

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Good Morning guys! I have installed the patch from @jakibaki:
"Make keyboard vibrate when key is pressed"
The patch was installed from the Patchmanager Web catalog

on my Sony Xperia X F5121, SailfishOS
No i can't disable and can't remove it.

Can someone tell me how i can get rid of it?

Jakibaki maybe ?


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pkcon remove prepatch
removes the whole thing. If you just want to remove the patch look for the package name and replace the "prepatch" with it.

Sorry haven't read it correctly. You installed the patchmanager version.

Just wanted to test that, but can't install it over webcatalog on, no compatible version. Have you at som time forgotten to disable it for an update? If so try to delete the folders of the patch from

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patchmanager, sailfish os

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