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This is a simple python QT program I've been using for a while now.

I use it to keep track of shared expenses while on vacation with friends. Instead of splitting every bill every time (gas, hotel, etc), I use pyLedger to record who has paid what and the application tells me who should pay next (the one who has paid less) and a summary with an explanation of how much has everyone paid, and how much money is owed (or owes) anyone so at the end every one breaks even.

It can keep track of several ledgers (by using the menus you can create a new one, open an existing one and select current open ledger as default i.e. the one that is opened when the application starts). To start using pyLedger you need to create a ledger and it is recommended to mark it as default.

Here are some snapshots that illustrate its use. The application is already available at extras-devel and its package name is simply pyledger.

And finally, a request: is anyone able to draw a beautiful icon for this? Not even when I was 10 was I able to draw a tree that looked like a tree, so anything that looks good would be great to have as icon.

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Just refreshed repos, have extras-developer enabled, but I can't find app.
Anyone else experienced this?
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Looks like it is already on github
but doesn't work for me when I execute python Maybe I should move some modules to pyhon folder?
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It's strange you can't find it on the repos.

Well, you can directly download the .deb file from the pool:

And then install with dpkg -i pyledger_1.1-1_all.deb

Best regards!
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Yappari for Maemo
pyLedger for Maemo

If you want to donate, please read this. If you still want to donate, contact me via private message or email. Thank you.

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