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This is really sad to find my most favorite and most used (together with notecase) app to be absent and not-supported in maemo5.
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Originally Posted by BrentDC View Post
I believe you are witnessing the "slingshot" effect that the OpenMoko devs programmed into MokoUI. This "feature" is not disableable, so there is really not much I can do about that...
Not expecting anything, but I just want to point out an odd bit. The inertial scrolling worked great until I recently re-flashed. After re-installing via backup (inc apps), Quick-clip worked great except viewing went nowhere. I discovered that python-mokoui wasn't there and installed it. But, now it is pretty well useless as scrolling just bumps back to the bottom all the time. Seems to happen when any left-right drag happens. I don't think it did anything left-right before, when the viewer worked. I had to switch to the GTK viewer with this install.

So, if you ever start up development on this again, or if someone else does, I would recommend:

1) having a view setting option outside of the viewer, for when the viewer won't start. (kind of a catch 22 there)

2) figuring out what changed to break the moko inertial scrolling. It did work great... not any more.

3) a keyboard shortcut to open up the Quick Clip menu would be great.

Again, overall, I'll repeat what others have said. This is an awesome application for the N810. I especially like that the files are plain old text such that I can use them as I like.
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Originally Posted by BrentDC View Post
Sorry, unfortunately no. I just don't have enough time right now to adapt QC to Fremantle as it is quite a large project.

Maybe in the future (Or, if someone really wants it, the source is available).
where can I get the source for n900 fremantle ?
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for those still using there beloved N900...

ClipMan (available from Download or in HAM / FAM )seems to be a good replacement for Quick Clip
it doesn't offer the possibility to save stuff directly to a file but has a database instead
been using it for a few weeks now & even though i try to clean it up every now & then, in between there doesn't seem to be any limit to the growth.
which maybe a problem on devices with less RAM (Fremantle HE on N8x0, maybe?)
the author also mentioned intending to port ClipMan to MeeGo

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Originally Posted by Timothy CHAN View Post
Hello Brent,

I am an user of NOKIA N900. I found your app from Application Manager and found it might be useful by reading is description.

I downloaded your app, version 0.4.5-2 and re-booted my N900 after installation completed. However, I could not find your app in the Status Bar. As I also installed Quick-Launch which allows me to put shortcuts in the Status Bar, I added your app in it. However, when I clicked on Your App, nothing happened. I tried re-boot but still nothing happened.

it wont work on n900 but the worst part is that is in ham and wasting time on it.

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