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I would share my experience for those that are obligated to repair/replace the micro-USB connector.

After using the maximum care replacing successfully the micro-USB connector, doing really fine micro soldering, I discovered that the N900 does not see any more the internal eMMC. It was remaining is boot-waiting state.

I think that the soldering operation is really critical and somehow disturbed the eMMC that is located really near the micro-USB connector.

In these conditions the N900 is for parts or you must install the operative system on the external MMC.

But suddenly I discovered that it was working again. It happened after I leave it On with the charging cable connected during the night.

I must admit that right now is occasionally unstable, but I think it is because the memory was corrupted and it could be solved with a re-flash (I will inform you about).

I am sharing it just in the case somebody found that problem and decide to R.I.P. the phone before time.

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