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Nxengine compiled for HARMATTAN_ARMEL (n950)

This should not be considered a release more like the poc.
What is needed for Nxengine to work on the N9 is a touch screen control.
but there is little to no information/documentation (in SDL) on this situation which in turn ruined my motivation. If anyone wants to see further progress on this I'm all ears.

first plagued by AEGIS issues so prerequisites...

-flash Openkernel (some one check if this isnt needed anymore)
-"apt-get install libsdl1.2"
-"apt-get install libsdl-ttf2.0-0"


Backspace=Exit Menu
a,s=Switch Weapons

directional keys=Move

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Please post it under harmattan section, or at least include [N9(50)] in thread title, to avoid wasting time of Maemo users.

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Originally Posted by wumpwoast View Post
You can fix the shortcut by editing the script it calls. Edit /bin/ and change to the following:

cd /opt/nxengine && ./nx
This is a really noobish problem but... how do you type the &-symbol on N900 keyboard? It's neither on the hardware nor virtual one.
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Originally Posted by KFX View Post
This is a really noobish problem but... how do you type the &-symbol on N900 keyboard? It's neither on the hardware nor virtual one.
Function (Blue arrow on left) + K

I have the US keyboard.

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run on my N9 + external bt keyboard
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so still no way to play music?

even my raspberry pi can play cave story full speed with music just fine.
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Yeah, thanks a lot! Works fine. Little laggy, but what can you do
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