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As Jolla's slowly-rolling-out tablet is design-wise a sibling of the Aigo x86 tablet, I thought it might be interesting to study the x86 a bit. Although Jolla has upgraded the display a bit (which is, in fact, the highlight of this particular tablet, so I would assume that's why Jolla chose it in the first place), otherwise the x86 should be nearly identical in terms of performance and design.

So, here are some reviews of the x86. (These are naturally going to be in Chinese. I'm not able to read Chinese myself, so I'm using the aid of machine translation to get through these...)


A review by PCOnline:

This is a fairly substantial review of the tablet, examining the design, the display, and running several apps and benchmarks. The Geekbench values were of most interest to me, giving scores of 776 for the single-core test and 2135 for multi-core. These are fairly middle-of-the-road values, as might be expected for the CPU in question. You can compare these against scores for other Android devices at the Primate Labs website.

They also note that while running a particularly intensive 3D air combat game, they found that the back of the tablet became fairly warm.

---- user "iambillbil" has an intensive hands-on review of the tablet, in a series of forum articles:




User Interface:

I've gotta say, looking at the display here, I can't agree with Jolla's decision to try and squeeze an even more impressive display into their version of the tablet; this one looks just fine to me. But then, I'm not really a tablet connoisseur.

Iambillbil runs a number of different benchmarks on his tablet. The Geekbench scores he comes up with are in line with what PCOnline came up with:


I'll try to add more links as I find them...

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Looks like a reference design. That shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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Here i made an small tread about the availability to purchase one.

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