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Originally Posted by karlos devel View Post
Massive activities features on Mer-Core look like SF III will be a Jumbo-Release
Any detail on what you would expect, based on what you can see?

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Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
Thanks, @ajalkane, @ mosen, indeed that was a thing I kind of forgot to include in the details (since it is obvious to most peolple who know me by reputation )

Indeed the day that I would put Android anywhere near my devices has not materialized yet, and hopefully will not dawn soon!

My data is of a pure SFOS installation, not poisoned by the Dalvik layer.
I share that sentiment. I installed alien dalvik once, uninstalled it ten minutes later. Still felt dirty so I reflashed and spent fifteen minutes bathing in isopropyl.

Pure Sailfish, please!
Sony Xperia X SFOS, Nokia N810

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sailfish os, sony xperia x

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