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I currently have N810 with Diablo and am attempting to play TWiT live ( and I've tried mplayer, VLC, the browser everything.

I can't seem to get it to play.

mplayer just switches between "stream not seekable", "unsupported audio codec", and "unsupported video codec".

I was going to try to put another OS on such as Debian, Ubuntu, Mer, or others but all the info I find is old, I found many dead links.

The N810 has to be possible to play TWiT live r? I mean my iPhone 3G can and it's identical specs for the most part to the N810.
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Originally Posted by auouymous View Post
Did you try the stream?
Yes sitll no luck.
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The only thing i can tell you is to install easy-debian ( ) and then in the config file try setting one of the images qole has.

He has pretty much every debian, mer, and ubuntu image but most were not intendid for the N810 however they may work. If you cant get maemo to do it nativly then this is your only chance.
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Were you ever able to get TWIT Live to work on your N810?

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