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Originally Posted by bennypr0fane View Post
I think I remember Stefano Mosconi saying in one of the interview videos earlier this year that Gpodder was the first app ever ported to Sailfish, submitted a few minutes after the first release of the SDK. So, maybe he was telling a joke, or else, where did it go?
yes but that was for qt4 and python. dunno status of it now. thp probadly lack time atm...
Go librem

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I have my Jolla - it's amazing!!
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Originally Posted by Fellfrosch View Post
sdcard gets mounted in run\user\100000\media\sdcard
Thanks both, but I don't even know what a symlink is, much less what is being connected where

There has to be somewhere I could start to learn but it is all pretty hard with zero knowledge
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Originally Posted by LadyBug View Post
- Physically the volume rocker button is too much of a rocker, it's actually somewhat loose. If I shake the phone, the button actually rattles.
The rattling rocker is kind of annoying to me, too. It really gives the whole experience a "cheap" feel - despite the nice plastic of TOH.

What I like is the video quality. The android youtube app works pretty well. Tweetian is available as a frugal beta version which is nicely integrated in the Sailfish OS.

At the moment I am struggling with the different Android stores (Yandex, Aptitude, Amazon, ...) and the different scenarios deinstalling, updating. As I haven't entered my SIM card, I am not sure if location based Android programs are going to work properly.

In conclusion, I don't see myself using the Jolla as my primary phone in due time. No gpodder, no swype, no wazapp, limited camera hinder leaving the shadow of the n9. Nevertheless, with the n810, the n900 and especially with the n9 I joined the party pretty late (3-4 a.m.)


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Originally Posted by benny1967 View Post
"Swiping to the left" means: you move your finger from right to left, so it drags the screen one step further... not back where you came from.

This is what saves your settings. That's how I do it all the time with sailfish. I never even knew I could actually *tap* the word "Save" on top.
Hehe, that's exactly what I do
But nope, it doesn't do anything for me. Might be either a bug or my phone.
Still good to know that it is supposed to work like that and it's working for other people!
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Originally Posted by Fuzzillogic View Post
Because of your Pokemon-addiction?
I am bit older for that
Saber Rider rules!
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Does someone was able to install playstore ? app that interest me are only on playstore
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Yes, it's all in here:

Pay attention to the bit about the trailing / though.
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Originally Posted by P@t View Post
Where is the bug tracker for iOS and Android?
Didn't check if anyone supplied it yet, but Android's is here. Yes, there is a bugtracker for Android.

Looks like everybody assumed it does not exist. No surprise there.

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Originally Posted by kkito View Post
I don't know if someboy already stated it, but the ui gfx performance is poor compared with ios or andorid. I don0t know where the problems relays (Qt, wayland, poor vblank syn...) but when scrolling lists, or ohter "scrollable things", there are some frame drops that makes the "ui experience" not smooth at all. Very disapointing .
did you compare with dual-core android (oem) and iphone 4 with ios7?

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