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As part of my shameless CROSS†POSTING attempts, a sister thread is available on here..

Need a new icon for your (ported or not) application that confirms to the Harmattan Icon guidelines? Not much an artist? Can't bother tracking down an icon designer for your application? Look no further. I can work on your desired application icon as long as you are kind to provide:

1. Previous icon to base the work on

This would be desired if you are porting the application from previous Maemo versions or from Linux eg. in general. I can also start working from scratch in other cases where such previous work is not available.

2. Color scheme

The Harmattan icon guidelines define a set of certain color gradients and you are encouraged to choose from them. Refer to the below image for such templates and please supply the consequent name. I can provide alternate color schemes also if required. If your icon has a convenient background texture or dominant color scheme, a separate background won't be needed at all.

Some examples previous work can be seen here:

<this space intentionally left blank>

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This is great, can someone add this to the first post in the planned applications/confirmed applications to be ported to Haramattan? "Active Topics" moves so fast as of late.

I can't help but wonder why Nokia chose an icon background for Harmattan and not let them use the whole space.

P.S.: I can't help but notice the visual novel reference.
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where is the list of planned applications for harmattan? I'd like to add my applications there too.

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