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I've come across a number of people (including myself) excited and posting this in the other N9 threads. I thought I'd make its own thread as it clearly deserves one. With this I will also try to separate the "dodgey" sellers from the legitimate ones, but this is just my personal opinion formed by my experiences, please don't make purchases on my account, read what you see as an analysis but form your own opinion.

Many websites have been listing the N9 as "available for pre-order", some with insane prices and others currently yet unpriced. Now how many of these are legitimate and how many are scams, nobody can say for certain. It would indeed be a lucrative way to con consumers, considering the current hype this phone has generated, even a few hundred buyers would generate large enough revenues for a potential scammer. Be warned

So despite the obvious legitimacy issues of these websites, I am sure some people already have or are thinking of placing a pre-order for the N9 just to have that re-assurance that they have possibly reserved one for themselves.

I looked at previous links posted in various threads and after analysing them all thoroughly, I personally only felt comfortable with, the others just seemed too suspicious to me, they had very little trading history, or were too "small fish" to be able to acquire such an high value handset. So I ordered my N9 from a couple of weeks back but was hoping it would be up on Amazon really. The reason being, due to their strict buyer protection on physical items. So if a buyer makes a complaint, the seller has to provide very substantial and significant proof that the item in fact did reach the buyer, otherwise the buyer is issued with a hassle free refund.

Now I don't know about you, but thats a policy that I can feel comfortable with.

Again, as far as I am concerned, none of these current sources (including the amazon seller) can be 100% trusted, but some are pretty reliable due to their past trading ventures, while others seem suspicious and sort of "out of the blue" are now selling a hot-cake of a phone, with no previous reputation. is pretty reliable due to their previous trading history and have been taking their pre-orders for a while now. I feel (and anyone with experience with Expansys should agree) that it is more than likely their listing is legitimate, and although they cannot offer pricing just yet, purchasing from them will mean you are most likely protected and will get exactly what it says on the box.

However, I'm personally glad its up on Amazon, and that is simply because of the way their buyer protection works. Its pretty much impossible to be scammed if the you're buying a physical item from the Amazon website, (speaking from personal experience as a regular buyer from Amazon), their buyer protection policies are amazing. So even though the seller does seem a little too good to be true, because the phone is advertised on Amazon, I'm certain they will come through with making sure the seller fulfills the purchase or refund me in full.

Amazon are generally very strict on this sort of stuff and unless you are selling some sort of virtual item which cannot be measured/tracked, the chances of scamming someone via Amazon are pretty much nill.

So I personally cancelled my N9 order and placed an order from the Amazon seller.

All in all, I would suggest that anyone who is thinking of pre-ordering the N9 from any of the current websites taking such orders, does so through Amazon as it is the best way to keep your money protected. Expansys is also a reliable alternative but does not offer the same kind of protection Amazon does.

Anyways I hope this has helped anyone that is thinking of pre-ordering the phone to be aware of the risks and also the protection on offer.

Links to the phones for both websites are below, hope this helps.


Amazon UK Website

Nokia N9 16GB Black -

Nokia N9 64GB Black -

Nokia N9 16GB Cyan -

Nokia N9 64GB Cyan -

Nokia 16GB Magenta -

Nokia 64GB Magenta -


Nokia N9 16GB and 64GB (All Colours) - N9

Amazon US Website:

Nokia N9 16GB (All Colours) -

Nokia N9 64GB (All Colours) -

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The resellers on Amazon US are from the UK, a seller that was just listed, has zero feedback, will be sending from the UK to the US - Hot Gadgets.

Expansys will invariably be doing the same thing, but I've purchased from them in the past. They can be a bit more expensive, but they're at least willing to work with their customers directly in regards to grievances and/or other issues.

The listing(s) might be updated shortly since Nokia will be selling on Amazon since they've closed up
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Really? On a site like Amazon?
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wait, Cyan 64GB ? DO WANT
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Doesn't look too promising IMO. No history of selling phones at all, only cheap junk (and Chinese copies).
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there is no 64gb cyan. so it's fake.
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Nokia N9 16GB Black - 520 -

I've ordered a couple of 45 items from them in 2006 with no problems, but I don't know what their return policy is like.
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Originally Posted by jo21 View Post
there is no 64gb cyan. so it's fake.
What makes you say that? On they imply all 3 colours and both 16GB & 64GB memory sizes for each, although colour & specs are subject to change before formal release.

Expansys also list the 64GB Cyan version:
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It seems that Celluloco is selling the device also:

BUT, $800 it's too much.. :/
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Too late for me. I've finally moved on. I dont trust Nokia anymore

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