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iOS has 3rd party support coming out of their nostrils

no such support exists for the N9

thats why stuff like flash is needed at this point in time

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Originally Posted by cfh11 View Post
this thread is pointless until someone in TMO gets their grubby little paws on one and figures out what is what. i have a feeling that the system is more open and customizable than a lot of people think....
someone from the epic thread that used the device (cant remember name) said its not possible to customize it from stock... but im quite sure aftermarket stuff will make this possible.

what i would have liked to have:
keyboard (but i understand why they didnt get one...)
flash (wtf nokia?)
dont care hdmi out or not
i liked widgets, gonna miss them

i really hope the price will be low, like 300-400 not subsidized as the specs are last year's. They could get really huge sales if they can make it sub 100$ subsidized.

microsd slot, i never have enough memory. ever

thats about it
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cfh - head over the

qgil there has been answering some questions - ask him directly
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Precision input touch screen

Keyboard of course!
(eventually keyboard + battery docking pack)

HDMI out for external presentation of everything, not only video.

Mobile SERVER TM CPU, Upgradable SOC that hacks WPA on the fly
(a nice screen w/o upgradable H/W is waste of earth's resources)

Low power consumption E71 like subsystem for survival communication mode (monochrome LCD or partial use of main screen)

Easy replacable battery / upgradable battery

IR module (Sorry but I like to turn of loud TV's and remote control Macbooks)

Memory expansion possibility (RAM + external)

Eventually: Dual microsim, Geiger counter, Intoxicometer (alcohol), sleep detector.

Things that we take for granted but knowing Nokia might be just left out w/o explanation like Share online (integrated upload batches of pictures to Flicker w/o handing your PW to yet another 3rd party) , enabled FM transmission HW etc..., flash I should not mention?

Out of the box power user mode with optional Hildon style desktop and geek input keyboard overlay mode -> see example

It is good to simplify things for iPhone type users but this should be the work of the professional vendor or (corporate) IT support person just like with PC's.

Probably a forgotten a lot?

Edit: ah yes: availability on announcement!

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N9 is missing the N900's kickstand.
N9 is midding the N900's lens cover.
N9 is missing the N900's Qwerty physical keyboard
N9 is missing the more precice Resistive touchscreen which can be used by those wearinging motorcycle gloves or winter gloves. Imagie trying to edit GPS destinations on with a capacitive screen... You need to look at your mirrors for a hole in heavy traffic, grab your clutch as you let your throttle go, downshift, move over to the side of the road and while watching your mirrors for out of control idtiots entering the breakdown lane and freight trucks losing control, take you glove off so you can use your phone's screen.... while holding the clutch in to keep yourself in 1st gear so you can get out of the way fast if trouble shows up in your mirror...
If I'm going to a capacitive screen I'm going to the Asus Transformer, using Skype for calls... if only a 3G or 4G version were available and I could port my AT&T number to Skype... I don't know where I'll be going after the N900, but it won't be the N9.
Most of all if Elop continues to turn Nokia into a pile of stupid (let us be honest, of all the choices Windows Phone is the least viable) I'll be moving to Asus-Android.
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Originally Posted by erendorn View Post
Qt for WP7.
Why? Harmattan will kill WP7 anyway
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Support from Nokia top management is in my opinion the thing N9 is missing the most.

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The ONLY things i like about N9 is the screen resolution and the 8MP camera and the fast slick UI screens...but other than that...i don't like anything about it. I need physical keyboard and radio transmitter. They obviously discontinued it as no phone has it...but this is one more reason why N900 is so unique...i am not replacing it anytime soon.
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1) Physical Keyboard
2) Lens Cover
3) Xeon Flash
4) Dual Core Processor
5) Kick-Stand
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Physical Keyboard
IR port (for remote control)
FM Tx/Rx (might have it, hopefully)
Stylus Input, Pressure sensitivity
Decent specs

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impending doom

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