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Poll: Would you buy N950 if it is available for purchase?
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Would you buy N950 if it is available for purchase?

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Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
I guess it is just a small batch of test devices that were produced before Elop pulled the plug. Nokia is giving/loaning them to the community. IMO Nokia is being nice, they could have just destroyed them.
Not sure I agree with the being nice part, but your assumption on the small batch would make lot's of sense.
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I have been spoiled by the n900 and can't really see anything else that takes my fancy on the market.
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I voted yes. I'm getting one through the DDP, but honestly, if any company puts MeeGo devices on the market, particularly smaller ones, I'll be buying them.
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Originally Posted by tswindell View Post
I'm saying "No" a) I'm getting one through DDP. b) I'd rather the N9 as it has more features (NFC).
Although it probably would not change the numbers much, I think that developers that voted no because they have one or will be getting one should base their decision on the assumption that the n950 is not available to them. One the otherhand if you prefer the n9 or some other phone or company that is ok and you should vote no. What might be even more interesting is if you were a developer that has one and concluded, based on your experience with it, that you would not buy it... Fat chance!

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I wanted something just like the n900 but better: n950 isn't it.
I can start to live without the IR for instance, but the capacitive screen kinda killed me. I would like to know some feedback of someone running easy debian using the capacitive screen if/when it be installed.
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harmattan seems to be a "portraitmode" OS. so I dont see that big reason to have hwkbd.

also N9 seems too have better HW and buildquality. If I want hwkbd I still will have my old n900
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i would love to be able to wait for a bit for the price to drop if it was selling to the general public of course. I will be getting the a newer phone sooner or later due to the needed spec but honestly no 4G in the n9 or the n950 is quite upsetting. Our phones are becoming more used for internet and typing than they are for actual phone use.
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Would never buy another N series phone. I went to iPhone 4 on my recent trip because n900 sucked so bad in reception and maps and no provisioning for my work emails, that I had to go to my trusty iPhone
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Originally Posted by Temporal View Post
I would like to know some feedback of someone running easy debian using the capacitive screen if/when it be installed.
qole applied for, and was accepted to receive, a DDP N950, so your wish should be granted in the not too distant future.
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Yes in a heartbeat... however if i saw them side by side it might be a more difficult decision as the n9 is a beautiful looking device!

hwkbftw, nokia n950, take my moneys!

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