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*Sigh done
How come I get the feeling I'm going to wake up tied to a chair at a big table with ballmer walking around it holding a bat talking about enthusiasms.
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I'm signing this too... This is a last, desperate throw of the dice for me. I've stuck with Nokia for a good 10 years now... All I wanted was a hardware keyboard... Not too much to ask is it?!

Either way, this is most likely pointless, but I too will be getting the Samsung Galaxy, new Droid or maybe even an iphone (eurgh, I hate myself for even writing that). If I'm being forced to use a touchscreen, I may as well have one with decent apps and features...

I'll certainly be keeping my N900 though
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hope nokia open the eyes and see what the customers want
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Hell why not, signed with the comment "We do not want your WP7 thankyou".
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Honestly, I would not want the N950 as a consumer device. If I was offered one, sure. But Nokia can do better.

I would expect a device with pretty much the same physical design, but with a next gen chipset, with a dual-core proc, and some HDMI output. Mostly just a refresh, taking into account feedback from people using the N950 now.

Let's call it the N10K =P
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Isn't the GPU clocked slower on the N950 than the N9? Also, doesn't the N950 have only Bluetooth 2.1, whereas the N9 has Bluetooth 4.0?

There's a few things I'd sacrifice for a hardware keyboard. But not the above two items.

Good luck.
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Originally Posted by JS2 View Post
If we get enough names to the petition and the Facebook group ANYTHING is possible
can you grant me immortality then? I promise to gather up many ostensible partners names to the petition...
Want to know something?
K.I.S.S. approach:
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Originally Posted by ossipena View Post
can you grant me immortality then? I promise to gather up many ostensible partners names to the petition...
You can't wish for your own immortality.
You need 1001 virgins to do so for your sake.

As far as THIS poll is concerned, I think we're on a promising path as there's a reasonable amount of virgins who've pledged their support to Nokia.
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