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Actual "T*tties" would be even more more nicer than "Tizen". /this post should have been made by Chuck Norris
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Originally Posted by GrimyHR View Post
who is we? certanly not people curently using maemo
I don't mean immediately, but after a few years the N900 hardware wuold start to suck, and if there wouldn't be any open linux/bsd-branded devices, the last hope for us is BBX (successor from Blackberry OS and QNX, BB get nice things under roof) which is Unix-Based but mostly closed source.

but it wouldn't make impossible to have open-source-apps on top of closed-source-unix, and porting to BBX native mode should be easy, because it's ARM and it's unix-based (both like maemo)

but yeah for a year or more i wouldn't leave my N900, and when it would be too slow for me i can try overclocking etc. but the point is Nokia killed her baby...
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Originally Posted by zimon View Post
Samsung Galaxy S2 with Meego would be nice.

Then again Samsung Galaxy S3 with Tizen; and w/ Qt, J2SE, J2ME and Dalvik would be even more nicer.
Sounds like something only the Chinese could create... we can only hope. MSI, are you listening? Your chance to get a piece of the mobile cake is NOW!
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Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
Ossipena and I rarely agree on anything, but I can respect that. But his take on WP is from the direction of a person that's used it. Same with me. I've used it and found its simplicity - and Harmattan's simplicity - pretty much a very welcome thing. Is it perfect, not by a long shot.

I'd have to rank Ossipena as a hardcore Maemo lover, but realistic in all other areas.
he/she falsifies quotes & rambles to try and start fights...
reminds me of dada :|
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How about a public petition to nokia?
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Hurry up then. I think they will close their mail (distribution) office soon.
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Originally Posted by teamer View Post
I bet you'll be happy with an iphone too ...
nope, 5 minutes with iPad and I just couldn't understand why in the hell you have to press the button all the time unless you play solitaire all the time with the tab...

WPs back and win buttons make more sense, but aren't that good either compared to swipe.

e: now I understand... most of you doesn't probably know my background. coming from complete hw qwerty kb enthusiasm, I have stated that no kb to N9 is complete showstopper for me. Then I got N950 and realized that the kb only mostly patched the usability glitches in the os.

swype works just fine for the most of cellphone writing such as short emails, smses and short replies to forums. switching to hw kb doesn't help that much because then the screen is (still) the biggest limiting factor: you can only see two pretty short chapters of text at most.

as for now, I'd describe myself to be pulled away from fanboyism (I admit, I was helluva N900/M5 fanboy) towards praise of usability instead of single specific platform.

Being labelled WP fanboy makes me just laugh. Using those stupid ad hominem arguments make me cry.

Yeah I like many things about lumia 800. I don't like the button hell anymore after using N950. I still own N800 & N900, VertSMS sources are still fully at everyones disposal. QGolfTrackers sources also. Maemo wiki for newcomers to N900 probably is roughly the same it was while I was contributing to it etc (lost motivation completely when meego was announced)...
Want to know something?
K.I.S.S. approach:
wiki category:beginners. Browse it through and you'll be much wiser!
If the link doesn't help, just use
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