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Well, at this point I'm thinking my next phone (in a few years at the earliest) will probably be a Blackberry 10 platform! But who knows, we'll see how THAT goes.

I want Maemo 7

We need to go back to the olden days, when a boss would piss off all their employees, they'd get lynched.

The whole idea that "Oh, our strategy is going just how we want it, so we're axing more jobs, moving all our factories to China and generally screwing over all of our loyal customers and workers! Just as our evil overlords have been planning!!"


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Originally Posted by afaq View Post
So is it time now to say wp7 did not save nokia? Or are we now waiting for nokia to try out its hand in the tablet market?
You got it all wrong there little buddy. It's time to say, Nokia didn't save WP7.

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who saves who, and who blames who?
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Guys, I'm one of the few here that is pretty sure to make money on the nokia shares.

I guess we will see.

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Originally Posted by Chuck Norris View Post
Guys, I'm one of the few here that is pretty sure to make money on the nokia shares.

I guess we will see.
You must have substantial short position then.
Well I know, it is like shooting fish or ducks in a barrel nowadays; since 112.
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Originally Posted by Chuck Norris View Post
Guys, I'm one of the few here that is pretty sure to make money on the nokia shares.

I guess we will see.
That was I thought also when I bought stocks around 35 SEK (around 3.8 EUR) now its around 2EUR? I really hope ATLEAST stabilize and stop dropping.

But for that to happen Elop have to show more than shitty Lumia devices and start deliver "next billion" devices before they totally ruining everything.

(this means announce new devices BEFORE summer) and btw why not RELEASE a QT Harmattan tablet too? Hell I would buy it even if the HW spec was less good as some Android tablet! Use Broadcom ARM family chip like RaspberryPI using to save some cash.

It can't hurt! But I guess they to ****ing affraid of Microsoft.

Give the consumer choices! Even if only 1% buys it its worth it cause almost everything of the codebase exists already. Just tweek Harmattan a bit.

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This is just stupid.

Look, I bought some stock in this tech company. They are using MS as their OS and it will soon rule the world because that is what the CEOs of both companies say. I'm going to be rich $$$
Oh no, that OS turned out to be a turd, I will sue the company and the CEO for misguiding me.
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Originally Posted by s4br0s0 View Post

This is a lose situation for Nokia.

Let's see scenarios:

1: Shareholder win the lawsuit: Fired Elop and Ihamuotila and no more WP strategy (another lawsuit for the contract with microsoft), so Nokia lose time and money (to get another CEO and strategy).

2: Shareholder lose the lawsuit but get Elop fire and no more WP strategy: Same time and money lose.

3: Shareholder lose but Elop and WP strategy continues: Best scenario posible WP is the right way (i have my personal opinion about this and respect everyone else).

4: Shareholder win, Elop don't get fired but no more WP strategy: Probably the worse can happen, lose time and money on WP, lose time and money in new strategy and this new strategy is with Elop.

I hope you understand my point, i know yours is something positive could be of this but at this point is hard to get some positive of this, probably on long terms but to much time for that.

I hate to spoil your dreams, but lawsuit isn't a way to replace management, there is time and place for everything and nokias annual meeting was held just recently...

The lawsuit is about claimed promises nokia did...

e: and do you still think that Elop made radical changes to strategy without the support of board of directors?!? The signs are pretty clear that he was hired to execute a plan selected well before he was hired in the first place.. So called transition leader.
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Originally Posted by geneven View Post
I'm surprised at you for echoing a wild misunderstanding of many of the posts here.
Oh, it's a wild misunderstanding; one that reeks of ignorance and will create much more damage than it being helpful in steering the ship right. I've not held back my tongue on that part at all.

But it takes some squeaky wheels, where folks are saying stupid things for the truths that are not based on ignorant to come out sometimes.

I just do not feel as if this is the right way to go. Not at all. But things are going downhill for Nokia so quickly, this might be as appropriate as anything else since it might evoke a knee-jerk reaction from the Nokia board.

I'd still suggest a better way to do things.

The shareholders have NOT spoken with this suit. Closer to the truth would be to say that some lawyers have spoken, maybe with some shareholders too.
The ones that have reserved their statements, might speak out now. Might.

A class action suit is filed ON BEHALF of a class and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of ANY member of that class.
It's happened in the past with other companies. Hell, the shareholders are causing a nice little ruckus over at Yahoo. That's another situation where it's not "right", but it might be needed.

Wrong or right, I just want things in this situation righted.
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Just buy more stock and sit for 2 years. You will triple the value

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