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Originally Posted by javispedro View Post
Well, I just uploaded a initial one to -devel. On N900 the basic game, sound effects, etc. work at an acceptable speed, and the interface is usable at 800x480. Music doesn't work, because:
a ) I find timidity overkill (though I don't see why it won't work If someone packages it!),
b ) The Nokia blessed libsdl-mixer1.2 doesn't have mp3 support and thus the remixed songs don't work... in fact, it seems to only support wav .

I didn't try on the N810 because the diablo toolchain doesn't support pragma "pack" which this software uses extensively, and while it builds I'm pretty sure it'll crash on boot . This should be fixable, though.

Note that CorsixTH is just a "playable demo" for now. You can't win or lose nor save or load. If you still want to try, you'll need to put the Original Theme Hospital "Hosp" folder into your MyDocs folder (the game seems to require case insensitivity) and edit /opt/CorsixTH/config.txt .
(you can see the package is optified, btw).

BTW, many thanks to the liblua and cmake packagers.
< ukki> libsdl-mixer midi seems to work

also it plays .mod files

midi to xm convertor mid to mod
find . -name \*.mp3 -exec mplayer -quiet -shuffle "{}" +
das ist your media player, and yuu vill like it
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Well, but I guess it uses timidity for that too.
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You'll need to place the Theme Hospital files in the folder /home/user/MyDocs/Hospital before you can run it.
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Originally Posted by javispedro View Post
Well, but I guess it uses timidity for that too.
libsdl-mixer uses an old version of timidity and the support is builtin, but it's missing the soundfonts by default. duke3d-timidity only installs the missing soundfonts so after you install it, it should play midi. It works at least with duke and doesn't seem to slow it down a lot.

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i got it working, i put the 'Hospital' folder in 'MyDocs'
but how do i edit the config file?

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I am so confused with this. Could someone please help me.
I have the CD and moved the files to /MyDocs/Hospital. Do I need to tweak the File Manager or Am I not doing this correctly?
Sorry, I'm new to this system.
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The config file is in /opt/CorsixTH/config.txt

As for now, if you don't know how to edit it I suggest to restrain from using this package, since there's no game to play (it's mostly a demo).
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I would love to see this on a portable, it would be amazing! I have to say that I reckon a system with a capacitive screen and stylus could be more suited to strategy type games than the capacitive ones.
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Is there a way to remap the keyboard? Like through a config file? I have a scandinavian keyboard where the up/down arrows are behind the blue funktion key so I can't scroll up or down. Only left and right.
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As a workaround change your keyboard layout in the settings to english layout before you start playing.
This works here with the german layout.

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