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Nokia is laying off 10000 people worldwide with 3700 from Finland.
Salo factory is closing down and Oulu and Ulm ( the 2 main points in Meltemi development) are taking hits.

Sad day in the open-community

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Nokia=Microsoft doll now, a zombie
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Those news are on the frontside of all online newspapers right now, it's over for Nokia. Who would still buy a phone of a company cutting 10'000 jobs? Nokia destroyed by a lunatic Microsoft worker, and nobody did anything against it. Sad story.
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Dude you are overreacting. . . . .
Have a GREAT day!
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I hope he is...but I think the picking over the bones has already started. Closing Oulu /Ulm really leaves no other choice than that Meltemi is history...

I would love to read the mail exchange between Balmer & Elop...I think it would be the final eyeopener for many...
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I hope the two people working on meego hides in lumia t-shirts today.
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Apart from the 10,000 people that are going to be fired (the other thread about this maybe should be merged into this one), McDowell and Savander are leaving too.

Yes, the same McDowell that was leading the Meltemi project.
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What the hell is wrong with the Nokia board? Are they that ******ed they can't see that Elop is a total knob head?

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Oh well this is going to be a very alarming thread for some as it sure spell's the end for Nokia so let us hope this community can survive in the future without them.

The world was predicted to end in 2012, someone must have spelt it wrong hmmmmm.
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The Nokia in 1-2 years will be still Nokia but totally differently looking. A big part will survive at Microsoft, others will be closed down and sold. Linux will be history for them... My only wish is that Navteq somehow survives in a form that doesn't forces us to become Microsoft, Apple (TomTom) or Google customers and that Qt still gets enough support to exists without Nokia...

I don't like how people like Balmer/Elop, Jobs, Zuckerberg & Co transform the IT world in monopolisitc blocks...but today's news is just one more little step towards this scenario

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